More Than This

Baby Banksia Productions, 2022

More Than This follows five diverse 17-year-old students, Charlotte, Alex, Zali, Jamie and Leon and their teacher Mr E, who are thrown together in an English tutoring group.

Charlotte and Alex are childhood friends, but Charlotte and Leon have history, and Leon’s girlfriend Allegra (Legs) is not happy.

Recently out non-binary student Jamie finds their tribe through Zali, but fails to see that Zali is hiding a dark secret.

Alex is bombing out of year 12 for a second time and buying weed from local dealer Sammy to keep his seizures at bay. Charlotte’s dad’s addictions force her to make a difficult choice.

Authentically raw and true, More Than This explores the contemporary global issues surrounding the teen life that is relationships, sexuality, school grades, their online social life, family pressures and taking risks.

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Episode 1 Roll Call

Five teens from all walks of life are thrown together in year 12 Extension English headed up by the charismatic Mr E. Charlotte and Leon have history, Alex seems to know the local drug dealer and shy non-binary student Jamie meets charismatic Zali for the first time as she introduces them to the LGBTQI school group.

Episode 2 Alex

Alex is repeating year 12 and keeps his seizures and anxiety at bay by smoking weed. After being nearly busted by Mr E, the two bond over music.

Episode 3 Zali & Jamie

Zali is cracking under pressure from teachers, her strict father, her jealous girlfriend Emma and her own need for control. Jamie finally has friends but can’t spend time with them because they always have to look after younger brother Max.

Episode 4 Leon & Mr E

Mr E isn’t allowed to see his son, crosses a line with Alex and has a mystery date at a gay bar that ends up being overrun with his students. Leon fails to hide his feelings for Charlotte from Legs, the effects are disastrous for all three.

Episode 5 Charlotte

Charlotte tears strips off Legs for posting her nudes, and finds she actually has friends when Jamie and Zali come to her side. Distraught that her Dad stole her money for gambling, she runs away and runs into older charismatic Carlyle.

Episode 6 The Party

Hormones and tensions are high at the first big party of the year, Emma and Zali end it, Jamie tells Zali how they feel. Legs learns the truth about Leon and Charlotte, Alex and Sammy share a secret and one of our main five ends up in hospital.

Running Time
6 x 30minutes

Production Company
Baby Banksia Productions

Drama Live Action Teen/Young Adult

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