The Unlisted

Sinking Ship Entertainment / Aquarius Films, 2019

Twins Dru and Kal uncover a sinister society controlling the world’s youth through implants. With the help of a group of underground vigilante kids – The Unlisted – the twins work to stop the society before it’s too late.

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Episode 1

Dru begs Kal to swap places with him and undergo the dentist check-up twice. Tim runs off. Nearby, four teens lurk in the city’s underground tunnel network but how long can they last undiscovered?

Episode 2

Tim is still missing. Dru hacks into a computer and discovers the truth about Infinity Systems. Dru establishes contact with an anonymous group and persuades them to meet up.

Episode 3

Dadi visits the twins’ school for Multicultural Day. Kal is enjoying his newfound strength a little too much. Kymara, Jacob and Gemma have doubts about Rose’s plan to meet with the twins.

Episode 4

Dru shares his knowledge of the Global Child Initiative with The Unlisted. Regan becomes the new school leader. The twins risk everyone’s safety when an outsider visits the hideout.

Episode 5

Dru travels to the tunnels to warn the group about Bua. Tim suddenly reappears. The Sharma family convenes for Dadi’s birthday.

Episode 6

Kymara posts a cryptic message on social media putting them all in danger. Miss Biggs announces the arrival of a new Chinese exchange student. Dru reveals a list of 16 other Unlisted kids.

Episode 7

Miss Biggs announces a field trip to GCI headquarters. Dru investigates HQ and makes a number of unsettling discoveries. CGI doctors discover Jiao’s hidden implant.

Episode 8

Gemma runs away from The Unlisted’s tunnel hideout. A sinister new teacher arrives to divide the students into three groups: Elite, Core and Basic.

Episode 9

Emma Ainsworth announces the rollout of a new Global Child Initiative program. Rose and Gemma plan to meet with Mack, but is it a trap?

Episode 10

Rose and Mack find themselves in GCI HQ. Kal visits the Adrenoblast Activity Centre with Regan. Bua is confronted by a suspicious Emma Ainsworth.

Episode 11

Dru concocts a plan to break into HQ to locate Rose and Mack. Regan and The Unlisted form an unlikely alliance.

Episode 12

Rose, Kymara, Jacob and Gemma enjoy creature comforts at the Sharma’s house. Dadi learns the truth about the GCI.

Episode 13

Dru realises the wedge is missing. The countdown to the Global Child Congress begins. Will Kal confess everything to Emma Ainsworth?

Episode 14

Kymara uses the wedge to access GCI’s system remotely. Tensions rise between Kal and Dru. Emma Ainsworth shows up to the Sharma house and invites Anousha and Rahul to join her at GCI HQ.

Episode 15

It’s the day of the Global Child Congress. Dadi and The Unlisted prepare to destroy the switch box at GCI HQ to try and end this for good.


2020 Prix Jeunesse International
Winner:  International Youth Jury Prize - 11-15 Fiction

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