Waabiny Time - Series 2

L'unica Productions, 2012

Waabiny Time (Series 2) is a children’s variety program that celebrates Noongar Language in a community and family themed environment. The presenters, Kylie Farmer and Lee West, entertain children between ages 3 to 6 and take them on a colourful adventure with stories, songs, dance and craft activities.

The production aims to entertain, preserve Indigenous language while telling stories, and showcase the rich diversity of Indigenous culture and creative talent. 

Waabiny Time is the first Indigenous early childhood language program and involved early childhood educators and Noongar language specialists in every stage of the project. Each episode, each segment, and each sentence has been crafted to address the learning needs of young people and familiarise them with Indigenous language.

In this series

Waabiny Time - Series 1 (2010)

Waabiny Time - Series 1 is a children’s variety program that celebrates Noongar Language in a community and family themed environment.

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Episode 1 Keeping Walang - Staying Healthy

Keeping walang, staying healthy can be a lot of fun ana. Waabiny, playing and eating moordtij mereny, good food are two ways to keep walang every day.

Episode 2 Going Bush

Going Bush is Moorditj ana. Noongar mob love getting out and about in noongar boodja, Noongar country. There are so many solid things to do. Bush walking with moort and Koorda, family and friends is a good way to see so many different parts of Noongar country.

Episode 3 Barna - Animals

There are boola barna, lots of animals in noongar boodja from the noorn, the snake, to the wetj, the emu. Barna live all over noongar boodja, have you seen any lately?

Episode 4 My Day

From the kedala, daytime right through to kedalak night-time, so many Moorditj things to day.

Episode 5 Maambakoort - Ocean

Maambakoort, is the noongar word for ocean. Noongar people love the ocean. They catch biggest mob of djildjit and karil, fish and crabs. When it gets really hot, they love to djiba djoobal, to swim.

Episode 6 Koort Kwobikin - Celebrate

Lots of Noongar mob love to koort kwobakin, to celebrate. It's so deadly getting together with moort and koorda, family and friends.

Episode 7 Noongar Boodja - Noongar Country

In Noongar Boodgar, Noongar Country there's so much to see, from the boorn, the trees, right down to the djet, the pretty little flowers.

Episode 8 Then and Now

Koora koora, long ago, and yeyi, now, are both important to our moort, our family. Long time ago noongar people grew up in the bush, living the traditional noongar ways. These days most people live in the cities and towns.

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