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A great range of ACTF programs are available on iTunes.

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Spellbinder - Series 1

Here, the industrial revolution never happened and a powerful group called Spellbinders control the people by exploiting their fear and ignorance.

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Spellbinder - Series 2 : Land of the Dragon Lord

The Land of the Dragon Lord is a world of illusion, romance and danger, ruled by a 12 year old boy whose magical powers are generated by a vast and ancient computer. When Ashka, the ruthless and power-hungry villain from Spellbinder I arrives, a thrilling adventure ensues, crossing the boundaries of many dangerous and frightening parallel worlds as Josh and Kathy race against time to rescue their familyand save the Land of the Dragon Lord. As they struggle to survive, they discover that everyone can achieve remarkable things when circumstances demand it.

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The Genie from Down Under - Series 2

Irrepressible genies Bruce and Baz long to be free from the confines of the magic opal and its current owner, 13-year-old Penelope Townes. But to do so, Bruce must win the heart and hand of Penelope's mother, Lady Diana Townes. The course of true love never runs smooth, even if you are a Genie. Especially when your teenage master is determined to thwart your every move! Meanwhile, Otto von Meister, the tour guide to be avoided at all costs, believes the opal is rightfully his and isn't prepared to let Penelope keep it without a fight. The opal changes hands many times, with disastrous and hilarious consequences. Finally, Penelope realises that she can't stop true love and she must find a way to have the best of both worlds - Diana and Bruce married - but Bruce still her Genie.

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The Genie from Downunder - Series 1

When upper class English girl Penelope finds a magic opal containing two Australian genies, Bruce and his son Baz, she thinks all her problems are over.  But Bruce has other ideas.  He and Baz trick Penelope into wishing her family to Australia at every opportunity.  Penelope hates Australia and is constantly trying to get back to England.  It's a comedic battle of wills and a clash of cultures, as Penelope learns that there is a difference between power and wisdom.

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The Girl From Tomorrow - Series 1

Alana, a 13 year old girl from the year 3000, is thrown back to our “strange and primitive” modern day world when a time travel experiment goes wrong.  Silverthorn, a fugitive warlord thrown back in time with Alana, steals the time capsule which is Alana’s only hope of returning home.

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The Girl From Tomorrow - Series 2

When Alana’s friend Jenny is injured in a battle with the evil Silverthorn, Alana takes her to the future to be healed. There, they find that the time travel experiments being conducted by Alana’s people are changing history. Alana takes Jenny home to her own time but when she returns to the 31st Century, she finds time changed and the planet completely devastated.

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Worst Best Friends

Roger Thesaurus has a problem, his two best friends are worst enemies.  The rough and disgusting dusting has forced his way to become Roger’s best friend.  However Roger already had a best friend, the bossy Millicent.  Dusting and Millicent do not see eye to eye and constantly fight for Roger’s attention, while he copes with parents who have decided to separated.

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Worst Year of My Life, Again!

They tell you school days are the best years of your life. But what if they weren’t? And what if you woke up one morning to discover you had to relive the most excruciating 12 months of high school all over again?

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You're Skitting Me

You're Skitting Me is an edgy sketch comedy, starring all new Australian talent and featuring a random mix of characters, parodies and animations.

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You're Skitting Me - Series 2

You're Skitting Me, Series 2 is the latest and greatest in sketch comedy for kids. The sketches are an edgy mix of zombies, superheros, scary Girl Guides, Romans, parodies of Dr Who, Masterchef and Gollum as well as some offbeat animations featuring Vomit Boy and a new twist on fairy tales. The show stars a great ensemble cast of young talent.

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