Locally produced children's TV has a rich history

Australian children’s television has an amazing story to tell, perhaps the best story of any sector in the film and television industry. 

For more than three decades Australia has been regarded as a world leader in the production of children’s drama. Distinctively Australian children’s dramas have defined childhood for many generations of children here and around the world. 

Programs like Round The Twist, The Girl From Tomorrow, Spellbinder, Lift Off, Ocean Girl, Mortified, H2O: Just Add Water and Lockie Leonard have made a lasting imprint on Australian culture and been exported to more than 100 countries. These types of programs have left an extraordinary legacy that few adult drama series could match.

Recent and current series, like Dance Academy, Nowhere Boys and Little Lunch are keeping this tradition of quality Australian drama alive. These success stories were made possible through the direct support of successive Commonwealth Governments and the establishment of broadcasting obligations that focussed on ensuring Australian children’s content was here to stay.