Australian and Children's Content Review:

Have your say on #OzKidsTV by Wednesday 20 September. 


The Commonwealth Government is undertaking a review of the way it supports Australian content, including children’s content.

The Government is seeking community and industry input to establish the best way to support children’s television in future.

If you care about Australian children’s content we encourage you to have your say and let the review team know how important quality Australian children’s drama is to you.

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The ACTF believes we need a new policy framework, which includes:

- Adequate funding and specific requirements to ensure that the ABC provides appropriate levels of Australian children’s content;

- A new regulatory framework to be applied to all the major content service providers in Australia which ensures that they either commission and screen appropriate levels of Australian children’s content OR contribute to a contestable content fund; and

- The creation of a contestable content fund to support distinctively Australian children’s content.

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Teachers discuss the importance of quality Australian children’s television



Classroom teachers from St Kilda Primary School and Sarah Mayor Cox from La Trobe University discuss how important it is for students to see their own stories represented on our screens.".

Heidi Arena on the importance of Australian stories for children


Heidi Arena (Mrs Gonsha) from Little Lunch delivers a lesson on the importance of stories for children on Australian screens.

Watch Jeffrey Walker's #OzKidsTV message



Jeffrey Walker played Bronson in the second series of Round The Twist, and went on to star in The Wayne Manifesto and Thunderstone

Now a successful film and television director, Jeffrey credits the Australian children’s television industry for starting his career.

Jeffrey’s asking you to have your say about what this children’s television means to you in the Australian and Children’s Content Review.

Why is #OzKidsTV so important?



Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Joanna Werner, Robert Connolly, as well as Poppy and Bella, answer the question: "Why is Australian children's television so important?".

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