Did You Know the ACTF Provides Development Funding?

The ACTF provides development funding and support to a number of high quality Australian children’s television projects each year.   

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Pilbara Series 'Thalu' in Production

Production on Thalu – set in and around the tiny town of Roebourne in the magnificent Pilbara region of Western Australia - has just wrapped.

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Who Got Funding at the ACTF Board Meeting?

The successful applicants are made up of experienced industry writer, director and performer teams – and weirdly each team has a family connection!

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‘Space Nova’ Blasts Off

Sydney’s SLR Productions has commenced production on a new animated action-comedy series for six to ten-year-olds. Its space and technology themes tap into the idea of establishing Australia’s first space agency.

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Save the Date: ACTF’s 2019 Independent Production Funding Deadlines

Each quarter, the ACTF offers production funding to support and develop the work of independent writers and producers in creating new children’s television series. 2019’s key application deadlines are published online.

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