Action On Set For Dance Academy – The Movie!

The beloved series is taking a leap to the big screen.

Success On The World Awards Stage

In addition to the Little Lunch win at Prix Jeunesse this week, other ACTF shows have also seen success on the world awards stage.

Strong Start For Sales In 2016

2016 has started strongly for the ACTF with the confirmation of several international sales, ensuring that children around the world will be enjoying Australian shows for a long time to come as a result of the busy start to the year.

Little Lunch Wins At Prix Jeunesse!

Top honours awarded to Little Lunch overnight at the prestigious international festival.

Ready For This - Sold To ZDF Germany

The award winning Australian live-action children’s drama series Ready For This has been sold to ZDF and will air later this year on KiKA, the public broadcaster’s free to air kids channel.

Showing 816 to 820 of 1059 rows.

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