Adelaide School Visits

This week the Education team has been visiting Adelaide teachers and students who are using ACTF content and resources in the classroom. 

Teachers Discuss the Importance of Quality Australian Children’s Television

Classroom teachers from St Kilda Primary School and Sarah Mayor Cox from La Trobe University discuss how important it is for students to see their own stories represented on our screens. 

What’s On TV? Monday 4 September – Sunday 10 September

Never miss a moment of your favourite Australian children’s television series. See what’s on free-to-air and pay TV this week. 

Teacher Tips for the Little Lunch App Competition

Entrants from last year’s Little Lunch App Competition shared their best tips for using the app in our recent online workshop for teachers

New Campaign Demonstrates All Australians Paying the “Price of Piracy”

Anti-piracy advocacy organisation Creative Content Australia has launched a campaign to help educate Australians on the dangers of pirate websites and to highlight the impact illegal downloading is having on Australia’s film and television industry.

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