Screen stories for International Women’s Day

Every year on 8 March, International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world. These screen stories about change-making Australian girls and women will help primary and secondary teachers explore this year’s theme: Inspire Inclusion. 

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‘Dancing on Wheels!’ (F – 6)

In this episode of Are You Tougher than Your Ancestors?, Charli and Matthew attempt to master the moves that won their coach – artistic rollerskater Tammy Bryant – the 1989 Artistic Rollerskating Championship when she was only 12 years old. 

Download Are You Tougher than Your Ancestors? from the ACTF Shop.

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‘Olympia!’ (Years 3 – 8)

In this episode of Are You Tougher than Your Ancestors?, young swimmers Sienna and Paige attempt to beat the Olympic medal-winning time of Wilhelmina (‘Mina’) Wylie.

This episode is currently available to stream on ABC iview. The complete series can be downloaded from the ACTF Shop.

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Composer Q&A Webinar (Years 5 – 10)

In this ACTF student webinar, Bluey composer Helena Czajka speaks about the underrepresentation of women in her industry.

Hear Helena’s response on our YouTube channel.

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Mustangs FC Q&A Webinar (Years 5 – 10)

In this ACTF student webinar, the cast members from Mustangs FC advise young women wanting a career in the film and television industry.

Hear the cast members’ responses on our YouTube Channel.

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‘Lyndsey’ (Years 7 – 10)

In this episode of MY:24, Lyndsey reflects on how the ‘big sister’ she met through a mentorship program helped her to turn her life around.

The MY:24 series is available to download from the ACTF Shop.

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July 23rd 2024

Series spotlight: Little Lunch

The Office, set in the playground,” is how creators described Little Lunch in the lead up to its launch. A heart-warming series that takes place during the 15-minute primary school morning tea break, Little Lunch broke new ground by using mockumentary format in Australian children’s television for the first time.

July 12th 2024

Meet Australian Olympian swimmer, Wilhelmina Wylie

Do your students know the story of ‘Mina’ Wylie, one of our first female Olympians? 

July 12th 2024

New release: Windcatcher learning resource

Our latest resource provides sequenced learning tasks to complement and extend a class or cohort screening of the feature film, Windcatcher.

July 12th 2024

Coming soon to cinemas: Runt film adaptation

Written by Craig Silvey and illustrated by Sara Acton, the novel Runt was published in 2022 and was named the 2023 Book of the Year for Younger Readers by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Australian schools will soon have the chance to enjoy this story on screen.

June 28th 2024

NSW Year 9 English unit: ‘Exploring the Speculative’

The New South Wales Department of Education has featured episodes of the comedy-horror series Crazy Fun Park in resources designed for the Year 9, Term 4 program 'Exploring the Speculative'.  

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