Free ACTF Content and Resources for Teachers

Free ACTF Content and Resources for Teachers

ACTF Content in Streaming Services

ACTF YouTube Channel

Cast webinars (Little Lunch, Hardball, The Inbestigators, Mustangs FC, First Day, Dance Academy), school case studies, series trailers.

Twisted Lunchbox

ACTF classics such as Round the TwistLockie LeonardMortifiedNoah & Saskia and many more.

ABC iView

Little Lunch, Little Lunch SpecialsThe InbestigatorsDisRupted - And Then Something ChangedMortified, First Day – SeriesSummer’s DayThe Funny OnesWoven Threads: Stories From Afar.

SBS On Demand

Bushwhacked!Little J and Big CuzThalu.

Kanopy and Kanopy Kids

Library streaming service that includes: My Place, Little Lunch, Bushwhacked!, Paper Planes, Lockie Leonard, Mortified, Waabiny Time and many others.


ACTF Curriculum Resources

ACTF Teaching Toolkits/Study Guides

Mapped to the Australian Curriculum and available as PDF downloads.

My Place for Teachers website

Contains clips from every episode and SO. MANY. teaching ideas. Along with comprehensive English and History lesson plans, there are also interesting links to The Arts, Mathematics, Science, and more.

Little Lunch App and MY:24 Apps

Movie and documentary making apps.

ACTF Home Learning page

Curated resources for home learning.