Daily Home Learning Tasks

Daily Home Learning Tasks

Learning Task #12

When Mikey arrives for his first day at Block Street Primary, Principal-elect Ms. Crapper gives him a less-than-warm welcome. List five interesting adjectives to describe Ms. Crapper's appearance and demeanor in this scene.


Learning Task #11

Using household objects and any size ball you have, design a series of 'mini golf' holes of varying difficulty. Keep things simple by rolling a ball into a basket, or challenge yourself by incorporating ramps and cardboard obstacles.


Learning Task #10

 In Round the Twist, the Twist family's haunted lighthouse home is the perfect setting for strange events to unfold. Draw or paint an interesting setting from a real or imagined TV show.



Learning Task #9

Limited by the words that he could think of, Battie wrote an acrostic poem for Rory that read: Rabbit, Orange, Red, Yak. Revise this acrostic to include more suitable words for Rory, then try writing a descriptive acrostic for your own name.


Learning Task #8

Having formed a backyard detective agency, The Inbestigators work together to solve neighbourhood mysteries. Following the format of the series' episode titles, think of a title for a mystery unfolding in your own home or neighbourhood. For example, 'The Case of the Disappearing Icecream'.


Learning Task #7

Nine-year old Henry has a pet quonkka, a rare marsupial with six legs and four ears. Draw your own fictional pet and label its special features.


Learning Task #6

Caption this image from You're Skitting Me!



Learning Task #5

In feature film Paper Planes, Dylan designs a plane called 'The Circling Clive'. Print a copy of the Clive design PDF, or design your own paper plane. You could even hold a family paper plane competition!

Paper Planes - Fold 'n' Fly: The Circling Clive


Learning Task #4

Navya believes her ‘spirit animal’ is a tiger because ‘they’re brave and beautiful creatures, just like me’. Think about your personality, strengths and interests, then choose a spirit animal that has similar qualities. Write a short piece explaining what you and your spirit animal have in common.


Learning Task #3

In this ACTF webinar, Hardball cast members outline the pros and cons of acting. On a T-chart, list the possible pros and cons of a career you are interested in.


Learning Task #2

Why might a teacher look like this? Write or draw three possible scenarios.



Learning Task #1

Battie likes mandarin pips in his play lunch because they're great for building sculptures. Attempt to build a similarly tall sculpture from either food or play dough, using toothpicks or uncooked pasta to build height. Measure the height of your completed structure.