Mustangs FC, Beat Bugs Writers Win 2019 AWGIE Awards

Mustangs FC, Beat Bugs Writers Win 2019 AWGIE Awards

Mustangs FC writer, Alix Beane and Beat Bugs’ Thomas Duncan-Watt have received children’s television prizes at the 2019 AWGIE Awards.

Alix Beane was awarded the “Children’s Television – ‘C’ Classification (Children’s – 5-14 Years), Original or Adapted, Animated or Performed” prize for her work on Series 2 of the popular comedy/drama, Mustangs FC. Nominees for the Children’s ‘C’ Award included Hardball writers Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes and The Deep’s Cleon Prineas.

In Mustangs FC’s winning episode (Episode 6: “Pity Party”), lead character Marnie’s emotions are explored as she’s forced to play friendship umpire between her friends. During the episode, a team night watching soccer gets turned into a pity party for her heartbroken best friend, Liv, while the unexpected appearance of Ruby divides the girls.

Beat Bugs writer Thomas Duncan-Watt received the “Animation” award for his episode “You Won’t See Me”. Nominees from this category included fellow Beat Bugs writer Kate Mulvany, Berry Bees’ Joel Slack-Smith, Monstrous’ Bruce Griffiths with Jasper St Aubyn West and Spongo, Fuzz and Jalapeña’s Simon Dodd.

Now in its 52nd year, the AWGIE Awards recognise excellence in writing for stage and screen. The awards are given by writers to writers, judged solely on the written script.

The ACTF congratulates Alix Beane and Thomas Duncan-Watt on their AWGIE Award wins.