March 22nd 2017


What’s On TV? Monday 27 March – Sunday 2 April

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MONDAY: Hoopla Doopla! 6.42AM on ABC2

Episode 23: Sick Story -
Hoopla is in a mess after a big storm and Jango thinks it’s too hard to clean up. So he pretends to be sick and tricks his friends into doing his work for him.

Also catch: Bushwhacked! – Series 1, 6AM on NITV and You’re Skitting Me – Series 3, 6.57PM on ABC ME.

TUESDAY: Bushwhacked! - Series 1, 6AM on NITV

Episode 10: Penguins – Bruny Island, Tasmania -
Starting from the highest peak on Australia’s most southern point, Brandon and Kayne jump on their mountain bikes and blast their way down Mt Wellington outside of Hobart, as they start their search for the elusive Fairy Penguin. Abseiling, sea kayaking and a spot of surfing later, the boys come face to face with the mysterious but very cute Fairy Penguin, while also meeting a rather unusual albino wallaby along the way. 

Also catch: Hoopla Doopla! 6.42AM on ABC2 and You’re Skitting Me – Series 3, 6.57PM on ABC ME 

WEDNESDAY: My Place – Series 2, 11.35AM on ABC ME.

1848: Johanna -
Johanna lives with her grandmother, Sarah. Johanna doesn’t go to school. She has a job - every day she pushes a barrow-load of potatoes around the town, delivering them to her grandmother’s customers. She works like a donkey and the Owen children treat her like one. But do they have the right to be so superior? Johanna is aware of a lot of whispering about her parentage and she becomes determined to find out who her father really is. Granny Sarah’s not telling and the rest of the town maintain a conspiracy of silence. Then Johanna discovers a vital clue: her father has one leg shorter than the other. She starts to investigate but is unprepared for a shocking discovery. 

Also catch: Bushwhacked! 6.00AM on NITV; Hoopla Doopla! 6.42AM on ABC2 and You’re Skitting Me – Series 3, 6.57PM on ABC ME.

THURSDAY: You’re Skitting Me – Series 3, 6.57PM on ABC ME

Performed by a new feature cast of teens, You're Skitting Me is an edgy mix of animations and great characters that will tickle everyone’s funny bone. Nothing is too absurd! 

Also catch: Bushwhacked! – Series 1, 6AM on NITV and Hoopla Doopla! 6.42AM on ABC2.

FRIDAY: Double Trouble, 10.02AM on ABC ME

Episode 8: Alien Alert -
Yuma gets involved in traditional dot painting, while in the city Heath sets out to prove his step sister Kyanna is in fact a memory wiped alien.

Also catch: Hoopla Doopla! 6.42AM on ABC2 and You’re Skitting Me – Series 3, 6.57PM on ABC ME.

SATURDAY: Waabiny Time – Series 2, 8.00AM on NITV.  

Waabiny Time is a landmark in Australian TV; a kids variety program that uses Noongar Language. Presenters Kylie Farmer and Lee West take children from the ages of 3 to 6 on an educational and entertaining adventure, guiding our young viewers through 21 half-hour episodes of stories, songs and activities that are authentically indigenous and encourage participation.

Also catch: Hoopla Doopla! 6.42AM on ABC2; You’re Skitting Me – Series 3, 11.22AM on ABC ME; Dance Academy – Series 2, 1.05PM on ABC ME and You’re Skitting Me – Series 3, 6.57PM on ABC ME.

SUNDAY: Dance Academy – Series 3, 1.05PM on ABC ME

Episode 3
: Second Chances -
All is not well in Kat world but she’s trying desperately to pretend she’s fine; while Christian’s plans for a cruisey return to the Academy are derailed by the Board.

Also catch: Hoopla Doopla! 5.42AM on ABC2; Bushwhacked! – Series 1, 7.30AM on NITV and You’re Skitting Me – Series 3, 11.22AM and 6.57PM on ABC ME.

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August 11th 2022

‘Giving space to the voices of the past’: My Place site updated

Curator and writer Jennifer Forest has collaborated with ACTF First Nations Designer April Phillips to update content in the My Place for Teachers decade timeline, aiming to better represent diverse voices from Australia’s past. 

August 11th 2022

New resource: Writing rubrics

In response to teacher feedback received last year, the ACTF has developed writing rubrics to support students entering the 2022 My Place Competition.

August 11th 2022

Entries for the 2022 My Place Competition now open

Students are invited to submit their creative writing entries for the 2022 My Place Competition from 15 August – 16 September.

August 1st 2022

Academy Award winner Shaun Tan’s Tales from Outer Suburbia to be adapted for television

The Oscar-winning team behind The Lost Thing, Shaun Tan and producer Sophie Byrne, has joined forces with Barbara Stephen and Alexia Gates-Foale from animation studio Flying Bark Productions to develop an animated series based on Shaun’s bestselling illustrated book Tales from Outer Suburbia.

August 1st 2022

Record ACTF investment into new children’s content

The Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) has committed a record $9.6 million to the development and production of new children’s content since receiving additional funding.

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