MY:24 The day that changed their lives forever.

MY:24 The day that changed their lives forever.

The events of 24 hours can fundamentally change attitudes and aspirations. In this brand new series, 26 young Australians tell their story about the day that changed their lives forever. Starts Monday 2 June, 8pm on ABC3.

MY:24 is a 13-part factual entertainment series, chronicling the life-changing events that have shaped a diverse and fascinating collection of young Australians. It’s an upbeat, visual feast of social media inspired storytelling.

The 26 highly aspirational stories are told by 11-21 year olds, each one taking the viewer on a personal journey that relives their “24” - an event, or sequence of events, that had a transformational impact on their life. Each story is told from their perspective and using their own words.

Whether it was the experience of a major national disaster, such as the Victorian bushfires in the case of the aspiring tennis professional Romy, or a decision such as Rida’s to reluctantly cut ties with her traditional Pakistani family and be part of mainstream contemporary Australia, each MY:24 story demonstrates how young people don’t have to be defined by tragedy.

MY:24 is a fresh approach to children’s factual entertainment. It provides an engaging insight into a generation of young Australians who have never known life without the Internet and are comfortable telling their own personal stories, frankly and intimately.

MY:24 will be broadcast weekly starting Monday 2 June at 8pm on ABC3.

For schools wishing to take advantage of their Screenrights licence and record the broadcast, the ACTF will be rolling out three MY:24 Study Guides that support Health and Physical Education, English and Humanities teachers in using selected episodes in their classrooms.

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