Document Life-Changing Events with the Free MY:24 App

The MY:24 App encourages students to reflect critically on their own experiences, and to share a transformative day of their lives as a short documentary.

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7 Australian Kids’ TV Shows that Parents Will Love

Here are some great locally produced TV shows that parents of school-aged kids will enjoy as much as their children do.

Unlimited ACTF Shows for Older Children in Kanopy Kids

From now until 16 April 2020, all partnering public libraries will offer free and unlimited access to Kanopy Kids. Here are our top picks for older children.

Have you Discovered the Wonderful, New, Free Kids’ TV Shows on NITV?

NITV is the National Indigenous channel on SBS and SBS On Demand. It’s also the home of some of the freshest new Australian children’s shows featuring a range of diverse Indigenous stories.
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