ACTF Project Development Funding Rounds Increase to Assist Producers and Writers During COVID-19

Over the coming months the ACTF will hold a script development funding round each month to support producers and writers of quality children’s projects during the current COVID-19 lockdown.

Did You Know the ACTF Provides Development Funding?

The ACTF provides development funding and support to a number of high quality Australian children’s television projects each year.   

Pilbara Series 'Thalu' in Production

Production on Thalu – set in and around the tiny town of Roebourne in the magnificent Pilbara region of Western Australia - has just wrapped.

Who Got Funding at the ACTF Board Meeting?

The successful applicants are made up of experienced industry writer, director and performer teams – and weirdly each team has a family connection!

‘Space Nova’ Blasts Off

Sydney’s SLR Productions has commenced production on a new animated action-comedy series for six to ten-year-olds. Its space and technology themes tap into the idea of establishing Australia’s first space agency.

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