Who got funding at the ACTF Board meeting?
12 September 2017

Who got funding at the ACTF Board meeting?

The ACTF board met this Tuesday and approved script development funding for three exciting new projects.

Bogan Entertainment Solutions (VIC) will receive $25,000 for their animated series, The Alchemist’s Delivery Service, to create an animated teaser, extended bible and one episode script. Cheeky Little Media (NSW) will receive $20,000 to develop the visual concepts, series bible and one script for Kangaroo Beach created by Tim Bain, who will also co-produce. And Fredbird Productions (NSW) will receive $19,565.35 for their pre-school series Pirate Time! to develop a series bible, characters and design.

Also at the meeting, the ACTF board approved stage three development for #Quirky from Sticky Pictures (NSW), to fund further scripts for the live action series.

Congratulations to the successful applicants, we look forward to seeing these projects progress in the coming months.