Jeffrey Walker Has His Say on #OzKidsTV to the Australian and Children's Content Review
12 July 2017

Jeffrey Walker Has His Say on #OzKidsTV to the Australian and Children's Content Review

Jeffrey Walker played Bronson in the second series of Round the Twist, and went on to star in The Wayne Manifesto and Thunderstone.  Now a successful film and television director, Jeffrey credits the Australian children’s television industry for starting and sustaining his career. 

“Without a doubt, the cornerstone of my entire career as both an actor and a director is Australian children's television shows. As a child, I was in them, and as an adult director, I directed them,” he says.



Jeffrey stresses the importance of ensuring there is a sustainable future for Australian children's television - not only because it provides immense public value for Australian audiences, but also because of the career opportunities it provides to so many cast and crew. Children's television has kickstarted man careers and attracted incredible talent. 

"We [Australians] are incredibly good at telling stories to young people. And we do it in a very, very unique and very, very special way," he says.

Now, Jeffrey is encouraging the Australian public to use their storytelling skills to share what Australian children's television means to them.

A new Government Review into Australian and Children’s Content is seeking community and industry input to establish the best way to support children’s television in future.

Issues that might be considered in a submissioninclude:

  • How important are Australian children’s programs to you?
  • Why do you enjoy them?
  • Which media platforms do you see Australian children's television being viewed on in the future?
  • In your opinion, are children in all parts of Australia being catered for?

Jeffrey is asking fans – whether you’ve grown up surrounded by shows like Round the Twist, Ocean Girl and The Wayne Manifesto, or love today’s TV, such as Little Lunch, Dance Academy or Nowhere Boys, to have your say. With community support, the review team can know how important quality Australian children’s drama is to its viewers – both young and old.

To join Jeffrey in having your say to the review, visit, or email direct to: