Girls Kicking Goals in Mustangs FC
12 May 2017

Girls Kicking Goals in Mustangs FC

The ACTF Education team was very fortunate to visit the Mustangs FC set in the program’s final days of filming. On location in Melbourne, producer Rachel Davis gave us some background information on the series which will appeal to both upper primary and lower secondary students. 

The unique new series begins with captain Marnie and her best friend Liv attempting to pull together their rookie team. Eventually recruiting enough players to compete, the girls learn to work together to overcome challenges from the club and their opposition.

The all-girl Mustangs team is played by newcomers including Emmanuelle Mattana (Marnie), Ashleigh Marshall (Liv), Monique Heath (Lara), Molly Broadstock (Bella), Gemma Chua Tran (Anusha) and Celine Ajobong (Ruby). Complementing the young cast are Jacek Koman as their coach, Pia Miranda as Marnie’s mum, and Stephan Hall as Lara’s dad.

In addition to the strong cast, the talented creative team also features many women. Producer Rachel Davis explained that more than 60% of the cast and crew are female, with women involved in writing, directing, casting, cinematography, production design, costume and editing.

At ACTF Education, we are excited to be producing curriculum-aligned support materials to coincide with the series launch. Mustangs FC explores many topics and themes central to Health and Physical Education, including:

  • Health, fitness and injuries
  • Diversity in ethnicities and physical abilities
  • Negotiating roles and responsibilities in teams
  • Ethical behaviour and playing fair in sports
  • Bullying behaviours
  • Body image
  • Female health.

The engaging storylines link to content in additional learning areas, including English, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), and Media Arts. They also relate to a number of general capabilities, including Ethical Understanding, Intercultural Understanding, and Personal and Social Capability.

The series of 13 episodes is set to premiere on ABC ME later this year. We can’t wait!