Now on YouTube: ACTF’s Dance Academy Movie Webinar
31 March 2017

Now on YouTube: ACTF’s Dance Academy Movie Webinar

The first of our two Dance Academy movie webinars with producer Joanna Werner and actress Alicia Banit is now available on the ACTF YouTube channel! 

In a live event held recently at the ACTF, Joanna Werner and Alicia Banit spoke via video conference to excited students from around the country. Participating primary and secondary students asked thoughtful questions on a range of topics, including:

After filming the live event, we edited the hour-long video and broke it down into individual questions and answers. This treatment allows teachers and students to jump straight to the topics which interest them the most.

The webinar links to Australian Curriculum content in the Literature and Literacy strands for English, including detailed discussions about: characters, settings and events; author’s purpose and audience; and the differences and similarities between texts. It is also a great resource for teachers of The Arts, with Joanna and Alicia discussing many themes relevant to Dance, Drama and Media Arts.

Our second hour-long webinar, with questions from students in West Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia, will be uploaded soon.  Stay tuned!