New Educational Program: Little J and Big Cuz
16 March 2017

New Educational Program: Little J and Big Cuz

Premiering on NITV in late April, this new animated series follows five-year old Little J and his nine-year old cousin Big Cuz as they explore the world around them. The series aims to support the transition to school for Indigenous children and their families. 

Little J and Big Cuz live in the outback with their Nanna and their dog called Old Dog, who is also the story narrator. The series follows the family’s daily adventures and is told primary from the perspective of five-year old Little J, who has just started his first year of school.

When the series launches on 28 April, educators will have access to a range of free online support materials for students in Foundation – Year 2. Based on the 5E inquiry process, the curriculum-aligned teaching resources cover the Indigenous knowledge, understandings and skills explored throughout the series, and suggest activities and further reading for each of the 13 episodes. The teaching resources were developed with Indigenous children in mind, but will support all teachers in confidently delivering Aboriginal perspectives within the classroom.

Little J and Big Cuz is voiced by a star-studded cast including Deborah Mailman, Miranda Tapsell, Ningali Lawford Wolfe and Aaron Fa’aoso. There are also plans to re-voice the show into multiple indigenous languages. The series has received production investment from the ACTF, ACER, Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Screen Tasmania.

Teachers can register for email updates at the Little J and Big Cuz website to be notified once these innovative teaching resources become available. And be sure to tune in to NITV on 28 April for the premier of this fantastic new educational series!