MY:24 App – Introducing Students to Documentary Filmmaking
16 February 2017

MY:24 App – Introducing Students to Documentary Filmmaking

In this engaging video on our YouTube channel, Moneth Montemayor and her Year 12 students describe their use of the MY:24 App in teaching and learning at Indooroopilly SHS.

A teacher of Film, TV & New Media, Moneth screened an episode of MY:24 to introduce a unit on documentary filmmaking. The class discussed the importance of storytelling in documentaries, and the role of voiceovers, archival footage and interviews in the genre. Students then used the app to create short films about 24 hours in which their lives were changed forever. Moneth saw her students refine their cinematography skills throughout the process, and Year 12 student Brydie went on to use more sophisticated editing software after seeing the possibilities in the MY:24 App.

Inspired by the factual entertainment series MY:24, our app can help your students to create a mini-documentary through the use of basic templates and the in-built capabilities of an Apple iOS device. By following the prompts, users create a three-minute film that includes: a ‘diary cam’ introduction; an image montage with voiceover; a video re-enactment with filters; an interview with a family member or friend; and film credits.

The app relates to a wide range of learning areas and capabilities in the Australian Curriculum, including English, Information and Communication Technology Capability, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Media Arts. It explores basic codes and conventions of factual filmmaking and encourages self-reflection through the exploration of one’s own culture and identity, as well as through interviews with friends, family and community.