Chinese Language Hoopla Doopla! Episodes on ABC ME
25 January 2017

 Chinese Language Hoopla Doopla! Episodes on ABC ME

With Chinese language versions of Hoopla Doopla! episodes screening on ABC ME (formerly ABC3) in February, it will be a Happy New Year for primary teachers of Chinese!

The three free-to-air episodes explore Chinese celebrations including the upcoming Lantern Festival, and are a great way to engage young learners. Teachers can also access freely available support materials for these episodes from the Hoopla Doopla!: English and Chinese Language Resource. Developed in partnership with the Asia Education Foundation for lower primary students (F-2), the learning sequences are based on the Inquiry model of Engage, Explore and Reflect, and are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Tune in to ABC ME at the following times for an entertaining start to the Year of the Rooster.   

Thursday 9 February, 11:15am: “Trading Places”

It is the Lantern Festival and Bop needs help to make the lanterns. If Zap helps Bop make lanterns then who will do his deliveries? If Mimi does deliveries then who will make the dumplings? Soon everyone in town has traded places.

Thursday 16 February, 11:15am: “The Hungry Dragon”

Everyone in Hoopla loves the dragon boat festival, especially Jango who loves it because Mimi makes delicious sticky rice dumplings. Jango sneakily eats all the dumplings and pretends that there is a hungry dragon in Hoopla.

Thursday 23 February, 11:15am: “The Magic Pumpkin”

Squidgie has planted pumpkin seeds so they will grow into Halloween pumpkins, but her pumpkins are not growing and soon it will be Halloween. Luckily Jango has a tricky plan.