Funding Overview

The ACTF provides funding and support to independent producers and writers of quality children's programs.

We support the creation of new children's programs which have an Australian voice and point of view, and which children, parents and educators will find engaging, entertaining, accessible, creative and innovative. 

ACTF funding is available for:

Development – to progress an idea to the stage where it’s market ready for pitching; or, if a project already has market attachment, to take it to a further development stage(s).

Production – via Distribution Advances and/or Equity Investment.

Before we provide funding, we assess the project against a range of criteria, including:

  • The originality and quality of the story
  • The experience of the team behind it
  • Its potential to engage with young audiences

Although overall quality is our primary consideration in assessing a project, we also seek to encourage:

  • Diverse stories, voices and faces
  • An Australian voice and point of view
  • Bringing new and emerging producers to the industry, while harnessing the skills of experienced producers
  • Works that address gaps in content/genre/age groups. 

With our support, we aim to elevate every project to the next level and ensure it is produced to the highest standards. We will therefore provide feedback, and creative approvals and regular consultation are a condition of any type of production investment.

Project Development Funding

We engage with Australian producers and writers at the earliest stages of development, investing small amounts across a broad range of projects. Projects are assessed for quality and potential.

Potential applicants are required to read the Project Development Funding Guidelines and discuss their project with a member of the ACTF Development team before applying for development funding.

Deadlines for development funding in 2021 are:

1st November

29th November

See the links below for the full Development Funding Guidelines, Checklist and Frequently Asked Questions.

The Development Funding application form can be found here.

ACTF Guidelines - Distribution Advance
(pdf 154kb)
ACTF Guidelines - Distribution Advance
(pdf 98kb)

Distribution Advances and Equity Investment

The ACTF supports production through distribution advances and equity investment in high quality Australian children’s projects.

The ACTF is the pre-eminent distributor of Australian children’s content to the international market and the Australian education sector. With over 30 years’ experience distributing Australian children’s content, we are highly regarded in the international children’s market with strong working relationships with buyers on current, new and emerging platforms.

We provide distribution support in a number of ways, depending on the needs of the project. For example, we may provide a large distribution advance against Rest of World; or a small advance against Australian rights outside of the local pre-sale; or we may act as Executive Producer and help producers to finance their series. An ACTF distribution advance counts as market attachment when approaching Screen Australia or a state or territory film agency. Once the ACTF is onboard a project, it will provide the producer with details of its marketing plan for the project, to include with  applications to other bodies, and it will champion each project it supports. A distribution arrangement is the beginning of a long relationship with the ACTF, as we continue to promote and market the projects we support for the longest possible time.

The ACTF has not replaced Screen Australia as the major equity investor in quality children’s content. But we may provide equity investment in projects which already have a local pre-sale, and most of the rest of their budget in place, to ensure that a project which has a “gap” in the production budget can get made. Equity investment will be subject to the ACTF’s usual criteria and the availability of ACTF funds, as well as taking into consideration the ACTF’s goals, objectives and diversity of slate.

Projects do not need to have received development funding from the ACTF in order to be eligible to apply for a distribution advance or equity investment, but it is advantageous for the ACTF to be across a project early if it’s likely that the producer will apply to ACTF for distribution or production funding.

There is no application form to be completed for Distribution or Production Investment. Producers are invited to discuss their projects with the ACTF’s   Head of Content at an early stage if the project is not already on the ACTF’s development slate and already under discussion.

An essential part of the process in obtaining a distribution advance commitment from the ACTF is that you pitch your project to us, conveying your vision and aspirations for your show.

To obtain equity investment, you will need to demonstrate that the local presale, distribution and other arrangements are in place and provide copy of the offers, and provide your finance plan and creative materials.

Projects will be assessed according to the criteria set out in the Distribution Advance and Equity Investment Guidelines. The materials set out in the Guidelines will need to be provided to the ACTF in order for us to consider your project.