Funding Overview

The ACTF provides funding and support to independent producers and writers of quality children's programs.

By helping these people develop new children's programs, we remain true to our goal of creating programs that children, parents and educators can rely on to be engaging, entertaining, accessible, creative and innovative. 

Before we provide funding, we assess the project against a range of criteria, including:

  • The originality and quality of the story
  • The experience of the team behind it
  • Its potential to engage with young audiences.

Although overall quality is our primary consideration in assessing a project, we also seek to encourage:

  • Diverse stories, voices and faces
  • An Australian voice and point of view
  • Innovative use of new and emerging media platforms
  • Bringing new and emerging producers to the industry, while harnessing the skills of experienced producers
  • Works that address gaps in content/genre/age groups. 

In every project we provide funding for, we ensure that it is produced to the highest standards. We do this by including creative input and regular consultation as a condition of our investment.

Project Development Funding

We engage with Australian producers and writers at the earliest stages of development, investing small amounts across a broad range of projects. These projects are targeted for their demonstrable quality and their future potential.

ACTF Guidelines - Distribution Advance
(pdf 154kb)
ACTF Guidelines - Distribution Advance
(pdf 98kb)

Distribution Advances

The ACTF provides distribution advances to help independent producers create high quality children’s projects. 

We help in a number of ways, depending on the needs of the project. For example, we may participate in co-productions or help producers finance a series by acting as Executive Producer. 

Please note that there are extremely limited funds available for distribution advances, and we do not currently provide equity investment in children’s projects. Projects do not need to have received development funding from the ACTF in order to be eligible to apply for a distribution advance or other assistance.

Interested applicants are invited to discuss their projects with the ACTF’s Head of Content.