TESOL as a Global Trade - Ethics, Equity and Ecology

3 July 2012 5:00pm - 5 July 2012 9:00pm

Australian Council of TESOL Associations
Maggie Garrard
Topic: Language of Belonging: Using Australian digital media to explore language, culture, stories and traditions
Venue: Cairns Convention Centre, Qld
Summary: Literacy is viewed as interdisciplinary and multimodal. So how do young people make and communicate meaning? This workshop presents classroom strategies for primary and lower secondary teachers to engage students about literate knowledges and skills that reflect contemporary youth culture and communication.

In particular this workshop will explore the Language of Belonging – Wadu Matyidi Educational Resource, which includes five comprehensive units of work; My Mob, My Country, My Story, My Heritage and My Project; to encourage students to explore the Adnyamathanha culture, stories and traditions, in order to develop their own portfolio and continue their own cultural understanding.

Participants will explore:

  • using screen media to encourage thinking, reading and language development
  • the stages of media literacy and how to develop analytical, critical and creative skills in young children
  • using screen media to teach Values.
  • how young children respond to TV, film, advertising and multimedia and how teachers can encourage critical judgement and understanding through viewing
  • the effects of various media on children and empowering parents to monitor their children’s’ media use and encourage discerning viewing

Language of Belonging has been developed using the 8 Ways Aboriginal Framework and are aligned to the Australian Curriculum areas of English, The Arts and Languages, with the Cross-curricula priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.