The Unlisted Creator and Cast Webinar

Thu 27 Aug 2020, 11:30am - 12:15pm

with Justine Flynn (Director, Executive Producer), Miah Madden (Kymara), Vrund Rao (Kal) and Ved Rao (Dru).

Upper primary and secondary students from around Australia are invited to participate in our live Q&A session with The Unlisted director and executive producer Justine Flynn and cast members Miah Madden Ved Rao and Vrund Rao.

In this unique virtual learning event, participants can ask Justine, Miah, Ved and Vrund about their ground-breaking series, and its themes of cultural diversity, individual rights, resilience and ethical understanding.

The webinar will provide an engaging experience for Media Arts and English students, and for those wanting to learn about acting, directing, producing and behind the scenes of The Unlisted series.  

Places are limited for this event – register now.

Webinar Details

Date: August 27 2020
Time: 11.30am - 12.15pm (AEST)
Year levels: Years 5 – 12
Cost: Free
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The Unlisted Synopsis

Twelve-year-old identical twins Dru and Kal discover that the government is secretly tracking and manipulating Australia’s youth via electronic tracking devices.

Together with a group of underground vigilante kids – The Unlisted – they must stop the evil authorities from creating an army of young soldiers who can be manipulated to serve the wealthiest citizens.


Themes: adolescence, freedom, heroes, justice, resilience, rights of individuals

Curriculum Areas: English, Ethical Understanding, Intercultural Understanding, Media Arts (The Arts)

The Unlisted is available to download & own from the ACTF Shop.

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