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Little Lunch App

Designed to engage classrooms with student focused learning that integrates new technologies, the app supports students to create, deliver and share their own Little Lunch inspired episode, using their tablet device.In Stage 1, users are guided through a series of steps that help them establish their story - Who is your main character? Take a picture of them. Who stars in your film? Add their...
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MY:24 - Study Guide: English

Providing teachers with strategies for the English classroom, this study guide uses selected episodes from MY:24 to explore the compelling and thoughtful themes of the series, and the art of creating a narrative. Using the MY:24 series as a stimulus to encourage students to observe the narrative, reflect on the story and themes in each episode, the teaching strategies in the guide support...
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MY:24 App - Introducing Students to Documentary Filmmaking

Moneth Montemayor, media teacher from Indooroopilly State High School in Brisbane, used the MY:24 App to introduce her students to the codes and conventions of the documentary genre. In this video, Montemayor and her students discuss using the app as a guided introduction to documentary filmmaking.
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