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Hardball Q&A Webinar

Australian primary students had the unique opportunity to be part of a live Q&A webinar with Hardball cast members: Semisi Cheekam (Mikey); Reannah Hamdan (Salwa); Logan Reberger (Jerry) and Erin Choy (Tiffany). Teachers, download the free Hardball Teaching Toolkit: https://actf.tv/HardballTT
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Hardball Teaching Toolkit

Set across the backdrop of colourful Western Sydney, Hardball traverses the highs and lows of pre-teen life. Themes of family, multiculturalism, and resilience – along with ethical dilemmas, Jerry’s healthy respect for mathematics, and the problematic use of ICT by almost everyone – makes Hardball the perfect children’s series to explore the General Capabilities through. The Hardball...
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