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The Unlisted Teaching Toolkit Teaching Resource

About this Teaching Resource

This resource will support Year 7 to 10 Media Arts teachers and students to examine how representations of social values and points of view are constructed in The Unlisted. Learning tasks are mapped to the Australian Curriculum, suggesting ways teachers can guide students to identify, interpret, analyse and evaluate the text, and become critically aware of the ways that media elements are used to make representations and meaning. This resource will also provide strategies for guiding students to produce their own representations that communicate alternative points of view by integrating and shaping technical and symbolic elements using design and production processes. The Unlisted draws on social issues and values from a range of cultures and times. This teaching toolkit aims to support teachers in exploring key themes in The Unlisted series and is a perfect inclusion for units on representations of people, culture and society, personal and social identity, diversity, family and abuse of power.

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