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The Persuasive Text resource is a rich source of educational materials and resources to support the teaching of persuasive text for years 3-9. This download includes a series of clips plus a PDF teaching resource (please note: the contents are in a zipped folder that will need to be extracted once downloaded).
The Persuasive Text resource introduces the concept of persuasive language and its importance in the classroom. It emphasizes that all language serves a purpose and influences how we use words. As English teachers, the responsibility lies in making students aware that language conveys values, attitudes, and cultural meanings, especially in today's information-rich digital era. Students are already familiar with language manipulation in digital media. The resource can help teachers to guide students to be discerning consumers of language through examples of persuasive media types, including advertising, editorial comments, speeches, essays, and more.
Persuasive language comprehension is integral to the Australian Curriculum and NAPLAN assessments. Persuasive texts are opinion-based and supportive of the author's viewpoint.

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