Red Dirt Riders Resource

Year Level: 3-4 5-6

About this resource

Red Dirt Riders is a 5-part factual program for primary-aged students, showcasing Ngarluma Ngurra in Western Australia’s remote Pilbara region. The series follows the riders as they venture out on their freedom machines to visit sites of significance on Country. The young adventurers embark on rides to learn about the history of place from the people who remember – learning directly from living memory and oral histories.

Developed for students in Years 3-6, this resource aligns with English, History and Social Science (HASS) and Media Arts content in the Australian Curriculum. It also builds knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. The resource contains a lesson for each of the five episodes, which can be used as standalone modules or presented as a unit of work. Each lesson is arranged as a student-facing multi-modal slideshow (see ‘Screen Sequences’ below) with clips, sound files, images, prompts and printable worksheets. Slideshow content is elaborated on, and curriculum links provided, in a PDF document for teachers. This resource champions First Nations perspectives, inviting students across the nation to experience the rich and layered histories of the Pilbara.

Screen Sequences:

  1. The Marsh 
  2. Bajinhurrba
  3. Weymul
  4. Bogged
  5. Harding Dam


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