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The MY:24 app allows users to create their own micro-documentary. It is inspired by the factual entertainment series MY:24 - a collection of stories from young people who have experienced one day that changed their life forever.

The app enables young people to tell their own story by using a series of basic templates and the in-built capabilities of their Apple iOS mobile device (iPhone or iPad).

Once the sequence of  steps has been completed; including a ‘diary cam’ style introduction, an image montage with voiceover, a re-enactment of their MY:24 with filters, a video interview with a family member or friend and credits; each element is automatically constructed into a three-minute MY:24 short film, ready to be shared.

Exported films are saved to the Camera Roll and can be viewed using media players including QuickTime and VLC. 

Cyber Safety

Use of the MY:24 app in schools should be in accordance with each schools Cyber Safety policy.

Videos created using the MY:24 app are saved locally to the device’s ‘Camera Roll’ and are not publicly viewable.

However, if schools with appropriate parent permissions wish to share student videos online it should be in accordance with the schools Cyber Safety policy.

We would recommend that any student videos that are shared online:

  • do not identify students by name
  • avoid identifiable school uniforms

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