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Double Trouble - Learning And Teaching Resource Teaching Resource

About this Teaching Resource

The Double Trouble: Learning and Teaching Resource (DVD-ROM) is a contemporary resource that offers teachers and students interactive and engaging education content to explore Indigenous perspectives through a multidiscipline approach. The resource speaks directly to students where they can watch the selected video clips and apply their understanding by completing the relevant interactive student activity sheets. The teaching activities reference an inquiry approach where students explore and respond to different tasks and project ideas.

The resource contains:

  • 29 video clips selected for relevance to themes and activities in teaching resources
  • 63 subject-based learning resources and interactive activities presented as case study investigations
  • Production information, including interviews with key production personnel and stills of locations and characters.

The ACTF partnered the New South Wales Department of Education and Training in the development of this interactive resource. It’s great to use as a Curriculum Outcomes Group (COG) style cross-curriculum teaching program.

The Student Area
The student's area comprises 32 self-paced student activities, a photo gallery, a video gallery and information about the locations and cast and crew in the television series Double Trouble

  • Cast & Crew - This area has a brief description of each character in the series and a short biography of five of the production crew members.
  • Activities -Interactive activities for students are drawn from the entire library of teaching and learning activities and written for a student audience. They are organised in five themes: Me, My family, My place, My world, My vision
  • Location - Double Trouble is shot in two locations: Alice Springs and Sydney. Each location plays a key role in examining the concept of relationship with ‘place’. Throughout the series we are encouraged to think deeply about the places we feel we belong to. This area of the site describes the locations and suggests some further research and activities that students can engage in to familiarise themselves with each location.
  • Video Gallery -  Video clips in the Video Gallery are organised by episode. Each clip has a title and a short description. Students can watch the video clips in the gallery to gain an understanding of the overall narrative and themes of the Double Trouble television series.
  • Photo Gallery - Images in the Photo Gallery are organised in themes to match the learning activities.

The Teaching Area
In this area you will find rich resources for developing teaching activities based on the television series Double Trouble, to support English, Health & Physical Education and Arts learning.

This resource has been written to accommodate subject or learning area approaches to teaching, and integrated curriculum approaches to teaching. Teachers can choose their approach to teaching the activities.

Teaching Activities
This resource organises teaching and learning activities in two different ways:

Activities by Theme

  1. Relationship with self
  2. Relationhip with family and community
  3. Relationship with place
  4. Relationship with world
  5. Cineliteracy

Activties by Subject:

  1. English
  2. Health and Physical Education
  3. Dance
  4. Drama
  5. Media
  6. Music
  7. Visual Arts

Other Resources
This area provides links for teachers to additional Aboriginal education resources.

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