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Little Lunch App: A Teacher's Guide Teaching Resource

About this Teaching Resource

The Little Lunch App: A Teacher's Guide resource provides teachers with a PDF version of the Little Lunch App: A Teachers Guide iOS multi-touch book and a PowerPoint of the included presentation.

The guide is designed to support the integration of the Little Lunch App and original Little Lunch children’s television series into teaching and learning practices.

The book guides users through each stage of the app - highlighting the relevant curriculum links and providing additional screen-based activities that can be used with students to develop the skills and knowledge they require to be effective ‘little lunch’ storytellers.

The interactive book also includes a Little Lunch - Episode Guide – featuring the original series trailer and providing a synopsis for all 26 episodes, matched with relevant topic tags for appropriate classroom selection.

For iPad users, a multi-touch version of this book is available to download free from the Apple iBook Store

Cyber Safety

Use of the Little Lunch App in schools should be in accordance with each school's Cyber Safety policy.

Videos created using the app are by default saved locally to the device’s ‘Camera Roll’ and are not publically viewable. However, if schools with the necessary parent permissions wish to share student videos online it should be in accordance with the school's Cyber Safety policy.

We would recommend that any student videos that are shared online:

  • Do not identify students by name
  • Avoid identifiable school uniforms

Intro Movie (Trailer)

1. Overview

1.1  About the Series
1.2  About the App
1.3  Using the Multi-touch Book

2. The App – Stage One
2.1  Who, When, Where?
2.2  What, Why, How?

3.  The App – Stage Two
3.1  Character Introduced
3.2  Conflict Introduced
3.3  Rising Action
3.4  Climax
3.5  Resolution

4. TV Series – Episode Guide

5. Credits

Curriculum Study Areas



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