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About this Teaching Resource

The Secondary English Teaching Resource highlights the need for students to think critically and become discerning consumers about multi-media texts. 21st century students are bombarded constantly with visual messages, complex instructions, technical specifications and graphic illustrations. They become overloaded with information and cannot discern the genuine and valid from the misleading and unsubstantiated. Much of the time, when students are engaging with the internet, they are unaware of the ethical and legal challenges pertaining to this information. Through the internet, classic works of literature are being adapted and transformed for a new genre that may or may not be true to the original. Is this a good or a bad thing or is it a necessary evolution of texts to adapt to broader audiences?

This resource comprises the following strands:

Strand 1: Consuming Critically
Strand 2: Individual as Media Producer
Strand 3: Adaptation and Transformation

The Secondary English Teaching Resource is written to provide teachers of English with suggested strategies to use with students to build their critical awareness and evaluative judgment of multi-media and advertising. The resource uses ACTF teaching resources and relevant internet sites. Each strand is divided into:

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Beaut ideas (quick ideas to try with your class)
  • Activities for the secondary classroom (lower secondary, mid secondary, upper secondary)

The resource was written by Greta Caruso, on behalf of the Victorian Association of English Teachers (VATE).

Disclaimer: Teachers should check each site for its appropriateness for their class level and their school policy before using the contents with students. The ACTF cannot guarantee that the websites listed in the resource are active.

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