ACTF Content for Primary Schools through ClickView

For over a decade, ClickView has been providing educational videos to help teachers create engaging lessons and improve learning outcomes. ClickView is a subscription service that allows schools to store, manage and deliver digital content on a range of devices. The platform also enables teachers and students to watch these videos outside the classroom at their own pace.

ClickView tools enable teachers to:

  • Easily edit the title, description, and duration of videos to best suit their students.
  • Create video playlists and share these with students or other users.
  • View and create interactive videos. These videos contain built-in questions and additional information to keep students active and engaged while watching content, both in and out of the classroom. The interactive component develops comprehension, encourages self-paced learning, and allows students to review and change their answers. 
  • View and export analytics for interactive videos. This feature helps teachers to identify any gaps in student understanding, and highlights areas for future instruction.  

ClickView curates the best educational videos from renowned content providers such as ACTF, and also produces their own programs in their Melbourne studios. Their content has been mapped to the Australian Curriculum, can be searched for by learning area and curriculum code, and comes with teaching resources to support teachers and engage students.

ClickView schools now have access to the majority of ACTF TV programs and films. The latest titles from the ACTF, including Bushwhacked! Series 3, Little Lunch, the Little Lunch Specials and My Place Series 2, are all available in ClickView’s Curriculum Library for Primary Schools.

For more information about how to access thousands of educational videos and activities - including ACTF content and support materials - simply visit the ClickView website