The Learning Centre

Welcome to The Learning Centre, a repository that provides educators with access to free, downloadable teaching resources developed from the ACTF's Education Programs.

Each of our digital resources have been aligned to the Australian Curriculum, are searchable via themes, topics and tags, and can be adapted by teachers for integration into their lesson plans.

Featured Websites

Hoopla Doopla! Curriculum Resource Package

Based on English and Mandarin language version episodes of the highly popular Hoopla Doopla! TV series, this resource, developed by the Asia Education Foundation, is aimed at lower-primary (F-2) Chinese language teachers. Each learning sequence in the Curriculum Package explores celebrations, holidays and festivals that are known and/or celebrated in the classroom. Teachers and students can access both the English and Chinese language Hoopla Doopla episodes that illustrate particular themes linked to celebrations, holidays and festivals. Visit Hoopla Doopla! Curriculum Resource Package

You're Skitting Me Sketch-O-Matic

Developed for kids aged 9-14, the Sketch-O-Matic is a web-based project tool that introduces students to the comedy genre and with advice from the pros, guides them through the process of writing their very own comedy sketch. The website consists of five stages that explore different types of comedy and provides an online space in which students can undertake their own creative writing. Visit You're Skitting Me Sketch-O-Matic

Dance Academy: Arts Education

Developed in association with Ausdance, this resource provides educators with engaging classroom activities, designed to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of dance, as both the artist and audience. The website features video clips and behind the scenes materials from the award-winning Dance Academy TV series, highlighting themes of Dance Skills, Dance Knowledge, Production and Health and Wellbeing. Visit Dance Academy: Arts Education

Language of Belonging - Wadu Matyidi

A multi-platform education resource based on the Indigenous short animation Wadu Matyidi and five behind the scenes mini documentaries. Designed for Primary-aged students, the diverse learning program explores language, culture, stories and traditions, encouraging students to develop their own portfolio. The website also features the interactive language game Speaking Deadly. Visit Language of Belonging

Lockie Leonard for Teachers

A multi-literacy resource for Upper Primary and Lower Secondary students that explores themes presented across both the Lockie Leonard television series and trilogy of books, written by Tim Winton. The website features more than 100 teaching and learning activities, each supported by online video clips and student worksheets. Visit Lockie Leonard for Teachers

Mortified for Teachers

An online Media Literacy resource for Middle Years students that accompanies the children's comedy drama series Mortified. This website features video clips from the television series and exclusive interviews with key production personnel. The included activities explore stages of production, visual effects and analyse how meaning is created and communicated within the television series. Visit Mortified for Teachers

My Place for Teachers

Based on the My Place TV series and book, this free website provides Primary and Secondary teachers with engaging History and English teaching materials. The resource features clips and images from the TV series, decade timelines, downloadable activities and worksheets, behind the scenes production materials and interviews, and a Teachers' Forum for sharing ideas. Visit My Place for Teachers

Screen Asia Website Portal

Screen Asia supports the development of Asian literacy in the Middle Years. The resource targets English, Studies of Society and the Environment and The Arts through video and related teaching activities and includes 20 free ready-to-use teaching and learning activities complete with video clips and Kahootz Xpressions that model student-generated learning objects. Visit Screen Asia