A pair of unlikely friends - a dog and a flea - escape the dog pound for hair-raising and hilarious adventures in the big city, and beyond.

Flea-bitten! is cartoon comedy in the grand old tradition, with frantic chases, slapstick hilarity and the nuttiest cast of recurring guest characters ever assembled – colourful canines, feral felines and bizarre bugs that inhabit this animal-centric world.

Episode 1
When Flea-bag loses his family, he winds up in the dog pound. Now, his only friend in the world is a flea! The unlikely pair escape the pound, embarking on a journey through the big city - and beyond, in a never-ending search for a place called home.
Episode 2
Flea About Town
Fresh out of the pound, and with the dog catchers hot on their tails, Flea-bag and Itch find themselves exploring the big city. But, when a visit to Milton’s Black Sausage Factory sends Itch. E into a spin, it leaves Flea-bag all alone to search for his family. Without Itch. E’s street smarts, Flea-bag winds up in Wrongsville - where he encounters some crooked cockroaches. Itch. E comes to the rescue, but soon Itch is the one in trouble, and Flea-bag has to choose between his new friend and his old family.
Episode 3
Petting Zoo 4 Two
When Flea-bag is hungry, Itch. E is hungry, so when the pair stumble upon a children’s petting zoo, Itch. E. sees an opportunity that Flea-bag can’t refuse! Free food! But, trying to convince a talent agent that a dog is a unicorn is a tough gig, especially when a pesky, little kid only knows one word; Doggy!
Episode 4
When Flea-bag lands a starring role alongside Uberhund, the world’s most famous movie dog, he gets more than the black sausages he bargained for. While Flea-bag’s performance is dynamite, turns out showbiz is a lot less glamorous than Flea-bag anticipated - in fact, it’s downright explosive! But, with the world’s most persuasive flea as his agent, trying to break his contract will be Flea-bag’s toughest gig yet.
Episode 5
Worst In Show
When Flea-bag spots Fluffball, its love at first sight. When Itch. E. Flea spots Fluffball, its LOVE AND FIRST BITE! How can a flea-ridden mongrel (like Flea-bag) pick up a purebred (like Fluffball)? Itch. E’s sure it’s nothing a car wash, a hot wax and a dog show can’t fix!
Episode 6
Penthouse Poodle
When Itch. E Flea meets Fleavette, its love at first bite. Unfortunately, Fleavette is heartbroken, having lost her poodle, Fluffball. Luckily, Flea-bag is in love with Fluffball, and the two fleas have a first class ticket aboard the love-struck pup, to Fluffball’s penthouse. But first, they’ll have to get past Bonehead!
Episode 7
No Flea is an Island
A ferocious storm leaves Itch. E stranded on Pond Island; with Flea-bag unable to dog paddle, he will have to get past Bonehead, the dock’s guard dog, to save his friend. On the island, Itch. E meets Crazy Al, an ant farm escapee, marooned with his best pal, Chuck. The only thing is Chuck is a golf ball and Crazy Al is, well CRAZY! With famished frogs and crazy ants to contend with, Itch. E must quickly devise his own escape route, before Crazy Al crowns him Queen of the Island!
Episode 8
No Dog is an Island
After an attempted rescue effort goes wrong, Flea-bag finds himself stranded on Pond Island. Now, he’s the one in need of saving. But, can a flea rescue a dog?! With ferocious fish, sticky frogs and crazy ants to contend with, Itch. E will have to come up with more effective rescue plans than rafts, submarines and feathered arms!
Episode 9
Lady and the Chump
When the Milton’s Sausage heiress, Clarice Milton, adopts Flea-bag as her latest fashion accessory, Flea-bag and Itch suddenly find themselves living on easy street. But when the duo meet their new roommate, Glamourpuss, their  endless supply of black sausage suddenly runs out!
Episode 10
A storm cloud with attitude chases Flea-bag and Itch. E into a spooky mansion, where they meet Barry the Bat. Barry welcomes the adventurous duo with arms (and jaws) wide open. But when they discover Barry’s appetite is bigger than Itch. E’s, the pair need to devise an escape plan; after all, Flea-bag can only handle one parasite in his life!
Episode 11
When Flea-bag finds Fluffball, the love of his life, for sale in a toy store, he makes it his mission to free her. But Flea-bag may have got his wires crossed, because when Itch. E tries to chow down on the French poodle, he is hit by about 20,000 volts!
Episode 12
Little Top Itch. E
It’s been Itch. E’s dream to run away and join the Flea Circus, ever since he was an egg - the only thing is, he doesn’t have any talent - luckily, he has Flea-bag. Every dog has fleas, but a flea with a dog? Now, that’s entertainment! However, Flea-go, the Strong Flea, is not keen on sharing the spotlight!
Episode 13
When Flea-bag inadvertently completes a complex doggy obstacle course, he finds himself joining the Dogs in Space program. But, Uberhund is determined to be the only passenger aboard the Vomit Comet. Meanwhile, Olga, the pushy super female flea, develops an eye for Itch. E - but Itch. E is too young to multiply!
Episode 14
Sewer Tour
When Flea-bag and Itch. E fall down an open sewer, they find themselves in an underground world of fearful mice; but, is Flea-bag the hero they’ve been waiting for? Suddenly, Flea-bag finds himself facing off with an old foe, in need of a makeover!
Episode 15
Flea-bag finds Itch. E draining, when scientists enlarge the flea to human-sized proportions, and Werner gives Flea-bag an earache, when he is shrunk to the size of a flea! Maybe they shouldn’t have done business with a foe called Dirty Rat!?
Episode 16
When Flea-bag tries to return a humongous Itch. E Flea to his actual size, he inadvertently swallows Werner’s re-sizer ray! Now, Flea-bag is ten times the size of giant Itch E! At least Itch. E and Werner can fit in Flea-bag’s ear again, and direct him to victory against an enormous, flaming, fur-ball spitting Catzilla!
Episode 17
Bonehead has his sights set on Flea-bag, Flea-bag has his sights set on Fluffball, Itch. E has his sights set on black sausage and the Flea-minator has his sights set on EVERYTHING!
Episode 18
When Dirty Rat finds himself trapped inside a giant flea robot, they go on a ratty-robo-rampage! Flea-bag and Itch employ the help of the Rat Pack: Frank, Sammy and Dino - if only Frank would stop hibernating, before card night is ruined!
Episode 19
Family Flea-Union
In an attempt to help Itch. E find his family, Flea-bag broadcasts a Flea-TV advertisement, inviting all Itch. E’s relatives to a free-food fest. The problem is, almost all fleas are related in one way or another, and Flea-bag didn’t really consider what’s on the menu!
Episode 20
Flea of the Family
When Itch. E is watching his favourite gangster movie in Flea-bag’s head, Flea-bag becomes hypnotized into thinking he is the Dogfather! Armed with a new personality, Flea-bag takes over Dirty Rat’s alley in the name of 'the family'.  Soon, Itch. E is sharing his earpartment with new family members, but Itch doesn’t want share his home with cockroaches!
Episode 21
Backyard Brouhaha
A hungry Itch. E encourages Flea-bag to adopt a new family, but dressing up as a baby and an astronaut doesn’t guarantee a decent meal - and it doesn’t look like Flea-bag is this family’s first pet. 
Episode 22
Haunted Hounds
When Flea-bag and Itch. E attempt to rescue Fluffball from a haunted mansion, the only thing they’re certain of is that this place sucks - but, not as much as Count Barry, and Flea-bag only has room in his life for one parasite!
Episode 23
When Flea-bag tries to hatch an egg, Itch. E thinks he’s finally cracked! But the egg is poached by Dirty Rat! Now they have to save Flea-bag’s baby egg, before it’s scrambled - and, all in time for Itch. E’s 'Flea-D' movie night!
Episode 24
Snappy the Duck
When Flea-bag finds a fellow stray, he is determined to play dad. But, for first-time parents Flea-bag and Itch. E, hatching an egg isn’t all its cracked up to be! In fact, it’s downright, bitey – especially when their duckling starts teething!
Episode 25
The Who-Am-I-Spy!
When Flea-bag loses his shoe, he loses his mind - so, Itch. E. finds him a new one! In a bid to pull off a black sausage heist, Itch convinces Flea-bag that he has amazing skills as a super-spy, a gymnast, and a master of 'Dog Foo'! But, trying to convince Bonehead is another story all together!
Episode 26
Remembrance of Flea-Bag’s Past
Flea-bag has lost his memory and forgotten his lifelong arrangement with Itch E! So Itch. E quickly takes Flea-bag on a trip down memory lane, before he loses his meal ticket. But all the reminiscing only brings back painful memories for Bonehead and Uberhund!
Episode 27
Trapped in the Junkyard
Itch. E desperately needs a new TV antenna before his favourite TV show starts, so he and Flea-bag venture off to the junkyard. They find the antenna they need - only problem is, it is attached to Barking Mad’s anti-alien remote control, and he’s got a thing for magnets...
Episode 28
Flea-Bag vs the Flying Saucers
Flea-bag catches a frisbee that turns out to be an alien spacecraft! But while Flea-bag is saving the Earth from imminent destruction, Itch. E is watching an old sci-fi movie - which looks suspiciously like the alien fleet that’s chasing Flea-bag!
Episode 29
Toys will be Toys
When Flea-bag follows his missing family into a toy store, he gets lost and locked in overnight. But, he’s not the only one - a crew of cat burglars descend upon the store, in search of the Elasto-Rat! Itch. E has to decide between his weekly card game, or saving Flea-bag!
Episode 30
The Wrong Paw of Law
Flea-bag becomes a police dog, but when Bonehead’s your partner, it’s hard trying to separate the good guys from the bad guys! Meanwhile, Itch. E is on the wrong paw of the law, trying to pull off a black sausage heist - but, the REAL crooks are getting away!
Episode 31
Super Sausage!
Flea-bag and Itch E. discover a super-sausage in Werner’s science lab, but is it really the best of the wurst!? It has an amazing flavour, but some uncouth side effects - and Itch has to take a journey to Flea-bag’s 'inner' space to retrieve Werner’s formula.
Episode 32
When Sausages Attack
Flea-bag and Itch. E. must stop a giant sausage from wreaking greasy havoc on the entire city, even if it means eating every last bit of it! Things are looking good, until the super-sausage steals their dates!
Episode 33
The Black Sausage Bandit
Someone is robbing the city of all its black sausages, and that ''someone" looks a lot like Flea-Bag and Itch. E. But, the intrepid dog and wise-cracking flea are innocent. They must clear their names and expose the real Black Sausage Bandit - and, more importantly, recover the stolen sausages in time for dinner!
Episode 34
Sick and Twisted
When Flea-Bag tries to take a sicky, Itch. E decides to teach the faker a lesson by taking him to the Vet. But, the clinic is ruled by the ruthless hypochondriac, Sick Puppy, who releases the deranged Barking Mad from his ward!
Episode 35
Bugs in Black
Itch. E is under investigation by Agents Black and Blue, for un-flea-like behaviour; dog-flea friendship is strictly forbidden! To put them off the scent, Itch has to treat Flea-bag like, well... a dog! Itch must find a way to convince the flea world that dogs are more than just food, before he loses his best friend!
Episode 36
Jumpin’ Jack Flea
Itch. E’s crazy old pal, Jumpin’ Jack Flea, needs a sidekick for his extreme adventures - and he’s got his sights set on Itch. E! But Flea-bag’s certain Itch. E is far safer being his sidekick, although Itch. E is adamant that Flea-bag is his sidekick…
Episode 37
Showbiz Showdown!
When Flea-bag accidentally lands centre-stage in a TV talent quest, Itch. E gets stars in his eyes – or is it just the Black Sausage First Prize?! But, Uberhund isn't about to give up his crown without a fight and some impressive juggling.
Episode 38
When Flea-bag is mistaken for a new superhero, he's showered with gifts and acclaim, which Itch. E is only too happy to accept. Uberhund, on the other hand, is not happy to share the superhero limelight - and sends the real Superdog feral, kidnapping Fluffball and Fleavette!
Episode 39
Break ups and Break-ins
Flea-bag is fed up with Itch. E’s zany plans, and evicts him from his ear! But when Crazy Al moves in and starts planning renovations, Flea-bag gets an earache! Meanwhile, Itch. E joins Glamourpuss’ theatre group, but it turns out that she wants her actors to steal more than the show!
Episode 40
Poor Little Rich Pooch
When Flea-bag meets his doppelganger, he and Itch. E swap the low life for the high life! Lady Snootingham’s Mansion is magnifique, but the butler is downright mean! When you’re the heir to an outrageous fortune, living on easy street ain't that easy!
Episode 41
Flea’s a Crowd
With the promise of fame and fortune, Itch. E lets his celebrity idol, Simon Fleach, into his life - and Flea-bag’s ear. But Fleach has an agenda of his own, and it doesn’t involve Itch E…
Episode 42
Brain Swap
A scientific malfunction causes Flea-bag and Itch. E's minds to switch! But, when they track down Werner to reverse the mishap, they find the scientist has the mind of a duck! When you’re a dog that’s really a flea - and a flea who likes to play fetch to impress the ladies is, well, a bit of a change...
Episode 43
Flea-bag disgraces himself in front of Fluffball at the Purebred Ball, which means Itch. E is disgraced in front of Fleavette! So, when a DNA test proves Itch. E to be of royal ancestry, Fleavette convinces Itch. E that it’s time to dump his crude mongrel and move to the high rises of Snob Hill! But Itch. E soon finds the good life ain't so good, and royal blood can’t beat Flea-bag’s!
Episode 44
The Sound of One Paw Clapping
Flea-bag and Itch. E are fed up with being chased by Bonehead, so they attend Kung-Fu classes with Mr. Mousimoto. But, Itch. E struggles with the 'just doing and not thinking'. Flea-bag, on the other hand, has a natural talent for not thinking.
Episode 45
Two Zoos, Who Knew?
When Dirty Rat opens a new, 'extreme' petting zoo, featuring Count Barry and other 'extreme' pets, the old petting zoo is left without customers. The Rat Pack need Flea-Bag and Itch. E's help - but, Itch. E becomes the most extreme black-sausage-eating pet of all time!
Episode 46
Itch. E needs to shape up, before Fleavette ships out – so he hires Flea-go as his personal trainer. But, somehow Itch. E ends up in a boxing match against Flea-go! Luckily, Itch. E has learnt how to itchisize!
Episode 47
Bonehead Buddy
Flea-bag wants to play cards with Itch. E and the Rat Pack - only problem is, he can’t deal the pack! Fortunately for Flea-bag, Bonehead’s head is messed up - and he becomes the loving Dog-Pound-Hug-Hound, and Flea-bag finds a pack he can finally fit into. But Itch. E liked Bonehead better when he didn’t like him!
Episode 48
When Itch. E and Flea-bag are abducted by aliens, they escape and accidently abduct Stan! But when the threesome is faced with Black-Sausage-Aliens, they don’t know whether to scream or get the mustard!?
Episode 49
You Betcha
When Itch. E loses Flea-bag in a race against the Rat Pack, all bets are on! Suddenly, Flea-bag finds himself as the Rat Pack’s resident butler, pony, pig and goat! But, when the the Rat Pack loses a card game to Dirty Rat, they lose Flea-bag – again! Luckily, Itch takes up a hobby that could save them both!
Episode 50
Ready, Yeti Go!
Flea-bag loses his beloved old sneaker on top of a mountain of garbage, and Itch. E can still smell it! Barking Mad offers to take them to the summit and retrieve Flea-bag’s precious shoe, but, they encounter the mysterious  Junkyard-Yeti on the way - who is determined to stop them from reaching the top!
Episode 51
House of the Future
Flea-bag finds the missing sneaker: the one that goes with the one he’s been carrying around since he lost his family, which means he must be home! Only thing is, this home seems a little strange… in fact, Mummy is down-right robo-nutso - and she doesn’t like fleas!
Episode 52
Home Truths
Flea-bag finally finds his long-lost home - but then Itch. E discovers family life and fleas don’t mix! Faced with frequent baths and flea-powder, he hops it and heads back to the Pound. Neither of the pair’s new lives goes as expected, until they finally realise it’s not where you are, but who you’re with, that really makes a home.


2013 APRA/ AGSC Awards
Winner - Best Music for Children's Television

2012 AACTA Awards
Nominated - Best Children's Television Series

2012 Asian Television Awards
Nominated - Best 2D Animation

2012 AWGIE Awards
Winner - Best Animation Script