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Kaboodle - Series 1


Kaboodle is a diverse series of 32 animated and live-action stories in varying length that encourage imagination, stimulate creative play and encourage exploration of values andissues. Kaboodle follows a narrative exploration with the stories and activities in each episode focusing on a different aspect of the “narrative” in both literature and screen stories. Many of the Kaboodle stories have been adapted from popular children’s books.

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An innovative anthology series. Each episode comprises multiple self- contained segments, ranging from drama to comedy, adventure, and fantasy. Segments in Series 1 are live action as well as animation.



Kaboodle Stories:


Molly Makes Music - Animation: ages 5-9.
Molly has to deal with her parents’ separation. A special friend helps her to come to terms with her new lifestyle.
Themes: Different families, parents separating, life changes, imaginary friends, pastel animation as art.
Duration: 6 mins, 50 secs

Double Take - Comedy/Drama: ages 5-9.
Through a mix up, two children end up with the wrong adults at a railway station. The mix up is sorted out regardless of the language barrier.
Themes: Different cultures in Australia, communication, film language.
Duration: 5 mins, 46 secs

The Wheelie Wonder - Animation: ages 8-12.
Born with wheels instead of feet, Royce discovers the value of being different.
Themes: Difference and disabilities, stereotypes.
Duration: 4 mins, 4 secs.

The Great Detective - Clay animation: ages 5-9.
When his TV disappears, young Alexander and his trusty dog Watson go looking for the thief.
Themes: Clay animation, ethics and values, comedy genre.
Duration: 6 mins, 10 secs.

The Great Sandwich Swap - Comedy/Drama: ages 5-9.
A story about playground politics.
Themes: Sharing, food and healthy eating, resolving conflict.
Duration: 5 mins, 11 secs.

The Huge Adventures of Trevor A Cat - Animation: ages all.
A zany animation about a greedy space travelling cat which encourages story-building activities.
Themes: Pets, storyboarding, visual literacy/animation, language skills, animation genres and techniques.
Duration: 5 mins, 57 secs.

Scruff the Sock - Drama: ages 4-7.
A story of a young boy in hospital with a broken arm and his sock puppet who helps him not to be afraid.
Themes: Fear and bravery, imaginary friends, life changes, plot.
Duration: 9 mins, 30 secs.

Marty Makes a Move - Drama: ages 7-12.
A story about Marty, a city kid, who moves to the country and has to make new friends.
Themes: Empowering boys, exploring language, city/country settings and lifestyles.
Duration: 14 mins

Wombat and Gumshoe - Animation: ages 8-12.
Wombat, the private eye and his mate solve the mysterious case of missing baby Australian animals.
Themes: Different modes of communication (letters, telephone, CB Radio), stereotypes, Australian animals, wall stories, animation genres and techniques.
Duration: 8 mins, 30 secs

Penny Pollard’s Diary - Drama: ages 8-12.
This story is based on the popular children’s book by Robin Klein about a horse-crazy girl who discovers someone just like herself in an old age home.
Themes: Book to film, narrative structure, writing a diary, making friends, youth and old age.
Duration: 18 mins, 13 secs

The Cure - Animation: ages all.
A humorous story about a little boy who catches the hiccups and his sister’s attempts to cure him. There is no dialogue, so this story can be used with non English speakers and hearing impaired children.
Themes: Helping, why we watch TV and finding solutions to problems.
Duration: 3 mins, 36 secs

The Secret Life of Trees - Drama: ages 5-7.
Three gnomes take a young girl on a journey through the underground world beneath the trees in her garden.
Themes: The environment, fantasy, role playing.
Duration: 23 mins, 46 secs.

Joshua Cooks - Animation: ages 5-8.
Joshua attempts to bake a cake for Nana’s visit, whilst dealing with imaginary monsters but Nana has also baked a cake.
Themes: Families, helping out, personal development.
Duration: 6 mins, 15 secs.

The Wizards of Solmar - Drama: ages 5-7.
A mysterious wizard comes to life and convinces two children to come to the magic land of Solmar to fulfil a prophecy.
Themes: Magic, fairytales and myths, characters in stories.
Duration: 15 mins, 41 secs.


Snow White and the Dreadful Dwarves – Live action, Comedy – all ages.
A funny send-up of the traditional tale. Snow White is presented as the leader of a bikie gang.
Themes: satire, fairy tales, stereotypes, adaptation, narrative structure, genre
Duration: 16 mins. 58 secs.

Foxbat and the Mimi – Animation – all ages.
A foxbat takes refuge in a cave where the spirits come to life and attempt to capture him.
Themes: Indigenous Australian stories, myths and legends, storytelling, animation, illustration
Duration: 4 mins. 9 secs.

Gung Ho – Animation – all ages.
Now in their 80s, Gung Ho (the cat) and Roguefort (the mouse) are bespectacled and teetering, but still living out their age-old struggle for a piece of cheese.
Themes: growing old, conflict resolution, representation, narrative structure, genre
Duration: 6 mins. 24 secs.

The Girl and the Pumpkin – Live action – all ages.
A young girl finds herself a magic pumpkin and all her wishes could come true – especially with a jar of try harder powder.
Themes: storyboarding, plot and narrative, character/role, working hard for what you want, luck and magic.
Duration: 12 mins.

Lock Up Your Toys – Animation – ages 5-9.
Despite his parents’ assurances, an eight-year-old boy worries after he learns that his Mum is going to have a baby. When the baby comes, the boy decides the newcomer could turn out to be fun.
Themes: families, change, sharing, being responsible, responding to a crisis, illustration, baby’s needs
Duration: 4 mins. 50 secs.

There’s Dragons – Animation – all ages.
Dragons turn up just about anywhere, as this light-hearted story graphically illustrates.
Themes: graphic illustration, plot and narrative, imagination and fantasy
Duration: 2 mins. 15 secs.

The Kobold and Potato – Live action, Drama – ages 5-9.
When a helpful elf appears in their house, the whole family is thrilled except for Potato, the dog. The good luck brought by the elf comes to an end with interesting consequences.
Themes: mythical characters, doing the right thing, making choices, genre, fables, ethics
Duration: 10 mins. 51 secs.

Talo’s Story – Live action – ages 5-9.
When the first rain in 100 years bursts from the sky of a distant planet, a boy and his friend are trapped in a cave. To comfort his friend, Talo tells of a distant planet where rain happens nearly all the time.
Themes: environment, reporting, thinking and problem solving, imagining, science-fiction, friendship
Duration: 9 mins. 41 secs.

The Fogbrook Thing - Drama – ages 5-9.
Older scouts frighten the younger ones by telling them about the ‘Fogbrook Thing’ lost in the bush for decades, intent on carrying off unsuspecting campers. The joke backfires. Could it be that the ‘Fogbrook Thing’ really exists?
Themes: myths, beliefs, responsibility, setting mood and atmosphere, role playing, narrative, film genre
Duration: 21 mins. 26 secs.

The Marvellous Adventures of Miriam – Drama – ages 5-9.
Life doesn’t hold much excitement for Miriam until one night a magic horse appears to take her away and show her she has as much right as anyone to adventures and an interesting life.
Themes: stereotypes, mood and atmosphere, emotions, social awareness, plot
Duration: 10 mins. 29 secs.

The Birthday Present – Animation – all ages.
Kelly has one week to prove to Mum that her gigantic, unruly puppy can learn to behave. A crash course in obedience training seems hopeless, but Kelly has to try or Bonnie will be given away.
Themes: looking after pets, obedience, being responsible, finding solutions to problems
Duration: 6 mins. 38 secs.

There’s a Sea in My Bedroom – Animation - all ages.
What better way to lose your fear of water than have a seashell spill a whole ocean into your bedroom.
Themes: overcoming fear, imagination/daydreaming, illustration, learning to swim, environment
Duration: 5 mins.

Thing – Animation – ages 4-7.
A little girl finds what she thinks is a pretty rock. It turns out to be a prehistoric egg and when it hatches she finds herself the proud owner of a pet stegosaurus, which has some drawbacks.
Themes: storyboarding, narrative structure, dinosaurs, growth and age, pets
Duration: 11 mins. 3 secs.

The Steam Train Crew – Drama – ages 5-9.
A hill covered in ripe blackberries is just too much temp­tation for the crew of the steam train. While they are gathering the fruit, the engine gets away, leading the crew on a merry chase.
Themes: storyboarding, narrative structure, communication, being on time, decision making
Duration: 7 mins. 48 secs.

Whiska – Animation – ages 4-7.
When Whiska pops out of a hole in the ice near the South Pole, she spies what would warm any seal’s heart – something which appears to be a bright red ball.
Themes: seals, the Artic and Antarctic environments, play, colour, imagination
Duration: 1 min. 46 secs.

The Idea – Animation – ages 5-9.
An ‘idea’ comes to a young girl in a dream. This ‘idea’ however, has a mind of its own and it’s a battle of wills over what form the ‘idea’ will take. A compromise is reached and the ‘idea’ ends up as part of a girl’s homework.
Themes: critical thinking skills, creativity, acceptance, narrative, problem solving
Duration: 4 mins. 20 secs.

The Ghost and Katie Domigan – Drama – ages 5-9.
Tough little Katie comes face-to-face with the ghost of the old mill, but it’s the ghost who has the daylights scared out of him.
Themes: ghosts and tall tales, special effects, mood and atmosphere, beliefs, being scared
Duration: 6 mins. 46 secs.

Waltzing Matilda – Claymation – ages 5-9.
The jolly swagman of the classic Australian folk song comes to life in this inventive and comic version of the familiar story.
Themes: Australian poems and folklore, illustration, claymation, comedy, genre, national identity
Duration: 6 mins. 45 secs.

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  • Year Level

    Early Childhood (F-3), Middle Primary (4-5)

    Curriculum Study Areas

    English, Media Arts (The Arts), Personal and Social Capability, Visual Arts (The Arts)




    family, identity, justice, values


    Winner: Chicago International Festival of Children’s Films

    Winner: Australian Television Society Awards

    Selected: Banff Television Festival (Canada)