Horace In Slow Motion - Series 1


Horace is a lovable, portly pig, who performs his greatest bodily acts in slow motion.

Gyrate with Horace, as he does the belly dance! Laugh out loud as he attempts to eat cake on a treadmill! Dry retch as he pops a zit! You name it, we'll watch it (all in slow motion, of course!).

Episode 1
The Jog
Horace wants to be just like his hero, Arnie Schwarzenpigger, and sets his electronic treadmill to SUPER FAST! Horace cannot keep up the pace, and lands face first on the treadmill. CRUNCH!
Episode 2
The Nose Pick
Horace is sad, because he’s all out of food. However, in sniffing up his grief, he realizes he has a storehouse of food residing up his nose! YUCK!
Episode 3
The Fart
Horace has eaten several dozen cans of Aunty Franz Baked Beans. Horace has built up enough gas to blow his chair from one side of the room to the other! PEEEW!
Episode 4
The Workout
Horace loves to exercise to '80s music. He shows us his best moves, including the infamous "Erupting Bottom". Shake that booty, Horace!
Episode 5
The Fall
Horace is armed with a bevy of iced donuts, when he collides and trips over a tiny snail. All attempts to save the donuts are lost, but he is not left empty mouthed! Cruuuunch! Was that the snail?
Episode 6
The Burp
Horace slurps up a supersized cup of fizzy drink, and, as if he were the conductor and performer in his own disgusting orchestra, releases the mother ship of burps! BUUURP!
Episode 7
The Bounce
Horace is bouncing vigorously on his mini tramp, performing his finest acrobatic maneuvers. His last jump, however, is a touch overzealous, and sees him shooting past the treetops with one less item of clothing! Wear a belt next time, Horace!
Episode 8
The Belly Dance
Horace bellydances to the scintillating Arabic beat, in an attempt to woo the very thing he loves the most… a quadruple-decker beef burger!
Episode 9
The Balls
Horace has converted his vacuum cleaner into a gyrating, ball-shooting contraption, and thinks it would be pretty funny if he were in the line of fire! OUCH!
Episode 10
The Zit
Horace has been nurturing a festering pimple on his chin for weeks. He could not be more pleased with his creation, and proceeds to squeeze the contents out in a garish display of vulgarity! SPLAT!


2011 Best Shorts Competition California
Winner 'Best of Show' - Children/Family Programming

2011 Annecy International Animation Film Festival
Nominated - Best Television Series

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