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Hoopla Doopla! - Series 1


In the town of Hoopla live six extraordinary characters each with their own amazing physical skill: Mimi runs the café and looks after everyone in town while juggling muffins and milkshakes; Ziggy, the shop keeper, does magic tricks which go in surprising directions; Zap, the town messenger, delivers packages in the most acrobatic manner possible; Bop, Mr Fix-It is able to lift almost anything; flexible Squidgie looks after the town garden and can often be found inside a pot-plant, finally Jango, the street sweeper, is always playing tricks and causing mischief.

Hoopla Doopla! is a unique and ground breaking show for 3-7 year olds, using physical action and comedy to drive the story. They tumble, juggle, leap and somersault in and out of trouble. However, whenever anything goes wrong - and it usually does - they always have each other to fall back on.

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Hoopla Doopla! - Series Trailer

In the town of Hoopla live six extraordinary characters each with their own amazing physical skill: Mimi runs the café and looks after everyone in town while juggling muffins and milkshakes;...In the town of Hoopla live six extraordinary characters each with their own amazing physical skill: Mimi runs the café and looks after everyone in town while juggling muffins and milkshakes;...



Episode 1
Upsy Daisy
The Hoopla café door is stuck, Mimi is inside and everybody else is outside. All her friends try to help fix the door and rescue Mimi in time for morning tea. 

Episode 2 
Big Squidgie
Ziggy wants to take a photo of everyone in Hoopla, with the tallest at the back and shortest at the front. Squidgie is the shortest but she doesn’t want to stand at the front, she wants to find a way be taller.

Episode 3
Bop can't sleep because he's sure he heard a monster outside his workshop. Zap suggests they catch the monster and all their friends agree to help.

Episode 4
Zap's Alarm Clock
Zap sleeps in because his alarm clock is broken and none of his parcels get delivered. His friends all have a loud solution so that Zap won't sleep in ever again.

Episode 5
Mimi's Big Surprise
Mimi is sure none of her friends have remembered her birthday, however they are planning a big birthday surprise for her.

Episode 6
Bop has giant hiccups  causing the whole town to rumble and shake, and making it impossible for him to fix anything. Bop’s friends come up with all sorts of suggestions for curing his hiccups.

Episode 7
The Dough Monster
Mimi decides to make an extra large pizza for everyone in Hoopla, but when she tosses the sticky pizza dough high in the air in lands all over her. The others mistake her for a monster, a dough monster.

Episode 8
Squidgie's Day Off
Squidgie has a bad cold and her sneezes and coughs sound like animal noises. Her friends think there are wild animals in her garden and try to rescue her.

Episode 9
Snow Business
Everyone in Hoopla is cleaning out junk when Mimi finds her old ski outfit. She decides she wants to go skiing, but It isn’t going to be easy on a summer’s day with no snow at all.

Episode 10
Squidgie's Picnic
Squidgie's garden looks so beautiful she decides to have a picnic for her friends but a big wind sweeps through Hoopla turning her garden into a mess & breaking her rake. How is she going to clean it in time for the picnic?

Episode 11
Sticky Situation
Bop is fixing Mimi's teapot with very sticky glue, it's so sticky that everyone in Hoopla gets stuck together.  How are they going to get unstuck?

Episode 12
Jango the Joker
All of Jango's friends are too busy to play so he tricks them into stopping work, but Jango's tricks create even more work for his friends.

Episode 13
Magic Coat
Ambo, Scotty and Sir Reg don their nose pegs and step cautiously as they meet those animals where personal hygiene is a thing of mystery.

Episode 14
Mimi's Perfect Pie
Mimi is making a beautiful apple pie for the picnic, but the apples keep disappearing. They look so delicious  no-one can resist eating them.  What will Mimi bake  now without any apples?

Episode 15
Zap's Special Delivery
Zap is going so fast he has a big crash whilst delivering the mail and all the parcels lose their address labels. No one in Hoopla gets what they ordered so Zap needs to find a way to deliver everything again.

Episode 16
Hula Hoopla
It seems everyone in Hoopla has a hula hoop, everyone except Zap. So Ziggy gives him a beginner’s model but Zap can’t get his hoop to hula. 

Episode 17
Bop's Clumsy Day
Bop has a lot of things to fix so he needs to go fast. However, the faster Bop goes the more things he breaks. Mimi has an idea to Bop-proof Hoopla. 

Episode 18
Zap Gets Stuck
On his birthday, Zap decides to deliver his parcels quickly by going down his slide with all the parcels. With so many parcels Zap gets stuck.  His friends must come to the rescue so he his birthday party will be saved.

Episode 19
Tomato Trouble
The first tomato of the season is so delicious that Squidgie grows more and more and more until her friends are sick of eating them. No one wants to tell Squidgie,  because they don’t want to hurt her feelings

Episode 20
Midnight Muncher
Detective Ziggy investigates who is eating the cafe food in the middle of the night. He is determined to solve the case of the Midnight Muncher.

Episode 21
Ziggy's Hidden Talent
Ziggy loves music and is sure that if he had the right instrument he would be a fantastic player. He orders several musical instrument in the mail, but all of his friends seem to be able to play them better than he can.

Episode 22
Bop And The Butterfly
One day Bop sees the most beautiful butterfly in Hoopla, but when he catches it, it begins to look sad. He asks his friends to help cheer up the butterfly.

Episode 23
Sick Story
Hoopla is in a mess after a big storm and Jango thinks it’s too hard to clean up. So he pretends to be sick and tricks his friends into doing his work for him.

Episode 24
Trading Places
It is the Lantern Festival & Bop needs help to make the lanterns.  If Zap helps Bop make lanterns then who will do his deliveries? If Mimi does deliveries who will make the dumplings? Soon everyone in town has traded places. 

Episode 25
Sporty Jango
It is the Hoopla sports day and every year the winners receive special prizes made by Squidgie. Jango has never won one before so he is determined to win this year even if it means tricking his friends.

Episode 26
Bop wants to see a real dinosaur so he decides to look for one in the town square.  He is disappointed he can't find a single one so his friends come up with a clever plan to help Bop see a dinosaur. 

Episode 27
Jango's Big Clean Up
It is autumn in Hoopla and Jango is having trouble sweeping up all the leaves. So Bop turns Jango's vacuum cleaner into a leaf blower which accidently blows leaves and dirt all over Jango's friends. 

Episode 28
Happy Snaps 
Squidgie wants to take photos of all her friends to hang on the walls of Mimi's café. So she borrows Ziggy's camera, but taking photos isn't easy. 

Episode 29
The Lost Thing
Bop can't sleep because he’s lost his favourite teddy bear, Spanna.  Everyone decides to help find Spanna, so Bop can get a good night’s sleep.

Episode 30
Zap decides he wants to walk on the moon and Bop builds him a set of wings, but they don't seem to work.  Zap's friends decide if they can't get zap to the moon they can bring the moon to Zap.

Episode 31
Jango The Genie
Jango pretends to be a genie and grants Bop a wish in exchange for a basket of apples, but how is Jango going to make Bop's wish come true?

Episode 32
Treasure Map 
Squidgie and Jango make a treasure hunt for their friends, But after three tries with three different leaders, they still haven’t found the treasure! What are they going to do?

Episode 33
Squidgie's Plant
Squidgie lets Bop borrow her favourite plant for a few days to brighten up his workshop, but in the morning the plant looks sick. Bop doesn’t want to return the plant until it's better so he needs his friends to help.

Episode 34
Ziggy Goes Camping
Squidgie invites her friends to go camping in her garden - everyone is excited except Ziggy who does not like the idea of camping. Ziggy's friends decide to change his mind and show him how much fun camping can be.

Episode 35
The Smell 
Mimi is unaware she has broken some old eggs in her apron pocket and wonders what is making such a terrible smell. She asks her friends to help find where the smell is coming from. 

Episode 36
Zap's Whistle 
Jango's nap is disturbed by Zap's loud mail delivery whistle, so he secretly swaps it for a quieter one. 

Episode 37
Swap Shop
All the clutter around Hoopla gives Zap a great idea, he will organise a swap market so everyone can swap stuff they don't need for things they really want.

Episode 38
The Ziggy Hop
Hoopla is having a dance party and everyone is excited except Ziggy who thinks he is far too clumsy to dance. 

Episode 39
Ziggy's Hat Trick 
Ziggy has a new magic trick that he wants to show all his friends. However he needs his magic hat to perfect the trick and his magic hat has gone missing. 

Episode 40
Bop And The Clock 
Bop's job is to wind the town clock before everyone wakes up. One day he decides to move the clock forward so his friends wake up earlier& morning tea will be earlier, but everyone in Hoopla relies on the clock being on time.

Episode 41
Ziggy The Invisible 
Ziggy orders a special magic cloak that will make him invisible, but when the cloak doesn't work his friends pretend that they can't see him. 

Episode 42
The Robot
Bop promises to build a giant robot but it’s more difficult then he thought. Not wanting to disappoint his friends Bop dresses up in a giant robot costume instead. 

Episode 43
The Magic Pumpkin 
Squidgie has planted pumpkin seeds so they will grow into Halloween pumpkins, but her pumpkins are not growing and it will soon be Halloween. Luckily Jango has a tricky plan.

Episode 44
The Hungry Dragon 
Everyone in Hoopla loves the dragon boat festival, especially Jango who loves it because Mimi makes delicious sticky rice dumplings.  Jango sneakily eats all the dumplings & pretends that there is a hungry  dragon in Hoopla.

Episode 45
In A Fix 
Bop has a lot of things to fix, but today he decides to make things even better than they were before.

Episode 46
Best Friends Day 
Zap and Bop are best friends and decide to celebrate and with a special day - but Best Friends Day does not go  as well as expected.

Episode 47
King Jango
Jango dresses up as a king and his friends mistake him for a king visiting Hoopla so Jango decides to trick them into preparing a King sized feast.

Episode 48
Hoopla Fire Brigade
Jango is determined to be picked to be in the Hoopla Fire Brigade. 

Episode 49
The Sneaky Snacker 
Jango loses his new pet caterpillar and follows the trail of eaten leaves, vegetables and fruit.  He must find him before the others realise his pet has caused all the damage, but Detective Ziggy is close behind.

Episode 50
Mimi's Holiday 
Mimi is so tired she needs a holiday but can't decide where to go.  So her friends take her on three pretend holidays to help her choose.

Episode 51
Squidgie's Present
Squidgie is always giving presents to her friends. So they decide they should do something to show how grateful they are by organising a special present for Squidgie.

Episode 52
Ziggy The Hero 
Ziggy wishes he was just like his favourite super-hero. So he makes himself a costume and goes to find someone to rescue in town.

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Year Level

Early Childhood (F-3)

Curriculum Study Areas

Asia and Australia's Engagement With Asia, Chinese, Drama (The Arts), English, Intercultural Understanding, Personal and Social Capability




behaviour, belonging, culture and traditions, friendship, identity, relationships, values


2014 Asian Television Awards
Highly Commended - Best Preschool Programme

2014 AWGIE Awards
Winner - Children's Television - 'P'

2014 SPA Awards
Nominated - Children's Television Production