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Double Trouble - Series 1


Double Trouble is a light-hearted comedy drama about twins who were separated at birth, yet one day find themselves face to face. The story, reminiscent of The Parent Trap, is about how the twins' chance meeting changes many people's lives.

Kyanna lives in central Australian desert community with her Indigenous mother and extended family. Yuma has been brought up in the city with her well-off white father, stepmother and stepbrother. When the twins accidentally meet in Alice Springs, they not only find they have another half; they find they have another parent they didn’t know about. And that’s when the fun really starts …

On impulse, the twins decide to swap places for a night. But things go wrong. Yuma finds herself marooned in an Aboriginal community, surrounded by strangers with none of the luxuries to which she is accustomed. Kyanna is taken to the city, a frightening and alienating place, with none of the family and social support she's used to.

While with their 'new' families, the twins have all kinds of adventures. Yuma learns about her mother’s life, going bush, eating bush tucker, doing dot painting, playing football and swimming in the waterhole. She also comes into strife when she seeks some privacy to practice dance moves – getting lost in the wide open spaces of the desert landscape and encountering wildlife close up.

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Double Trouble

Sixteen year old Yuma lives with her wealthy father and step family in Sydney. Kyanna, also 16, lives in a community in the central Australian desert with her mother and extended family.

Separated at birth, these twin girls are completely unaware that the other exists, until a twist of fate sees them bump into each other in Alice Springs.



Episode 1
The Twins

Yuma and Kyanna, twins separated at birth, accidentally meet up in Alice Springs, and decide to swap places.

Episode 2
The First Test

After swapping homes and families, twins Yuma and Kyanna realise it's going to be tricky to swap back, with Kyanna facing a history test and Yuma meeting a snake in the bush.

Episode 3
Best Laid Plans

Unable to swap places and return home, Yuma must learn to play bush football, while twin Kyanna adjusts to her volcano-building step brother Heath and discovers Sydney surf can be rough

Episode 4
Bush Tucker

While city twin Yuma discovers bush tucker can involve strange looking honey ants and witchetty grubs, bush girl Kyanna tries hard to learn her city sister's dance moves.

Episode 5
The Water Hole

Out in the bush, Yuma gets into trouble swimming with Aaron at a picturesque waterhole, while twin Kyanna web cam links her computer to Yuma so the pair can work out how to get back home.

Episode 6
Mean Girls

Kyanna fears she's ruined her sister's chance to get into dance school, while her twin Yuma finds out about her mother and the secret of the waterhole.

Episode 7
Lost in the Desert

Yuma manages to get lost in the desert, and reveals the truth to her cousin Iona about her twin sister Kyanna, who's suddenly dumped by Sasha as her dance partner.

Episode 8
Alien Alert

Yuma gets involved in traditional dot painting, while in the city Heath sets out to prove his step sister Kyanna is in fact a memory wiped alien.

Episode 9
Two Dollars

After Kyanna has a fight with Heath, the pair have to sort out a dispute between their mom and dad, while Aaron tries to lure twin Yuma away from a didgeridoo player by showing off his skill as a rapper.

Episode 10
The Audition

The twins conspire to get Yuma home to Sydney to do her rapidly approaching dance audition, but when Yuma arrives late, Kyanna is forced to step in and dance in her place.

Episode 11
Double Dancing

After Yuma passes her solo dance audition, the twins have to dance together in a duet before she can get into dance school, and in the process they blow Heath's mind.

Episode 12
Going Home

After tearful farewells, Kyanna heads back to Alice Springs, but the twins remain determined to sort out the mystery of why they were separated at birth.

Episode 13
Sand and Surf

Yuma's family heads to Alice Springs, so everybody is on hand when the mystery of the twins' separation at birth is solved, with explanations made, apologies given, tears shed, a dance by Yuma and Kyanna, and a screening of one of Aaron's home movies