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Jeffrey Walker Webinar: Child Actor to International Director

15 June 2017, 11:30am - 12:30pm

Jeffrey Walker Webinar: 
Child Actor to International Director 
For Upper Primary & Secondary Students
Thursday, June 15, 11.30AM - 12.30PM (AEST)

How do you go from playing Bronson in Round the Twist to directing Neighbours when you’re only 20, before moving on to direct Dance Academy, Chris Lilley's Angry Boys, Jack Irish, and Modern Family in the USA?

This webinar will provide Years 5-12 students with the opportunity to ask Jeffrey about his amazing career and how he went from being a child actor to a successful international television and film director.

Jeffrey’s story is rare and inspirational for any young person with a passion. How did he make the transition from being in front of the camera as an actor to one of the most sought after young Directors in Australia and overseas?

Places will be limited in the webinar, so check the details below to register.

Jeffrey Walker Webinar Details

Date:                           Thursday, June 15
Times:                         11.30am – 12.30pm (AEST)
Year Levels:                 Years 5 – 12 (Upper primary and secondary students)
Free Webinar:              There are no costs involved to participate.
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Jeffrey Walker Bio:

In front of the camera, Jeffrey Walker is arguably best known by generations of Australians as the cheeky Bronson in the iconic ACTF children’s television series, Round the Twist.

But behind the camera, Jeffrey is an established director responsible for some of Australia’s favourite TV shows like Neighbours, Dance Academy, Jack Irish, Angry Boys, Rake as well as American mega-hit Modern Family.

This year saw the release of his second feature film, Dance Academy – a big screen follow-up to the hugely successful TV series. Jeffrey began directing television in Australia at the age of 20.

If you’re wondering how such a young talent has become one of the most in-demand directors in the country you’d need to look at his training – in children’s TV. He was only 10 years old when he was cast as the beloved Bronson in ‘Round the Twist’. In the eight years following his start on Twist in 1992, Jeffrey starred in 217 episodes of children’s television. Jeffrey was consistently cast in leading roles on cherished series such as the ABC’s The Wayne Manifesto and the international sensation Ocean Girl.

By the time Jeffrey had finished high school his interests had turned to the world behind the camera. All of those years as an actor had inspired Jeffrey to direct and he was enthusiastic to learn through hands on experience. Jeffrey was offered an internship with Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, the veteran children’s TV team who he’d worked with as an actor on Ocean Girl and Thunderstone. In the intensive 18 month position Jeffrey learned about everything from budgets to scripting and casting, visual effects and of course, directing.

At only 34 years old the actor-turned-director has won two AACTA/AFI’s and been nominated for another three. He has won three Australian Directors Guild Awards and sat at the helm of some of Australia’s most celebrated television including Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys, the Guy Pearce mini-series Jack Irish and the popular ABC legal drama Rake.

He has made the often-impossible leap to establish himself overseas. In the US he has directed episodes of the comedy sensations Modern Family and Difficult People and the crime drama Bones. For the UK he directed episodes of the acclaimed BBC history drama Banished.