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Little Lunch App Competition: Term Three / Term Four

14 October 2019 - 8 November 2019

Opening up last year’s Little Lunch App Competition to Year 3 / 4 students led to a record number of entries. This year’s competition will again be open to students from Years 3-6, with entries open from 14 October – 08 November.  

The Little Lunch App Competition invites students to submit short films they have created with the free Little Lunch App. Participating classes generally view and analyse episodes of the hilarious school-based mockumentary series as a starting point, and then work in groups to plan, script and film their own little lunch story.

Dates are being finalised for our virtual learning events (including live student webinars and workshops), and we have a number of exciting new programs scheduled for release throughout the year. Keep an eye on our fortnightly ACTF Education eNews for all the details.

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