The Deep - Series 4 - Digital Download

The Deep - Series 4 - Digital Download

A startling revelation takes the amazing Nekton family off on a whole new adventure! After finally discovering the underwater city of Lemuria, Ant and Fontaine are stunned to learn their grandparents were here before them!

After their grandparents disappeared on a mysterious mission a few years ago, Ant and Fontaine thought they’d never see them again. But new evidence suggests that feisty Kathryn and unflappable Jacques could still be out there! A new mystery has begun, and the stakes have never been higher! Following their grandparent’s trail of clues takes Ant and Fontaine all over the world in their quest for answers. But how is it possible that the grandparents left traces all over the underwater world, but haven’t been able to directly contact our heroes? Are Kathryn and Jacques hiding? Are they in trouble?

Their harrowing quest leads the Nektons to new depths–and dangerous chasms! They discover an amazing Monumential Larvacean, intensely ill from being caught in the Northwest Pacific Gyre–aka the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Can the Nektons find a way to help it recover from the plastics in its belly? They also encounter a dolphin that, due to cybernetic training by a mysterious corporation, is incapable of reintegrating into the wild–unless Fontaine can retrain it! On top of all that–The Nektons also have to stop three gigantic, newly hatched Monumential Turtles from endangering shipping channels!

Running time: 13 x 22 Minutes
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