The Deep - Series 2 - Digital Download

The Deep - Series 2 - Digital Download

More startling, undiscovered seas creatures, more pirates and more adventures await the Nektons as they continue their search for Lemuria. But the mysterious Alpheus also wants to find Lemuria and gain control of the giant Monumentials - huge creatures that cause cataclysms. If the Nektons can't beat him there, the world is in trouble. 

Along their journey, the Nektons will encounter ancient ruins, a mysterious zone that defies description, an underwater maze and two living legends. Old friends like Nereus and Kenji Nakimura are revisited. And old enemies like the Dark Orca Pirates and Devil Daniels pop up when least expected. 

Guided by the Lemurian Ephemychron device, the Nektons follow clues that bring them closer to Lemuria's location. But when it appears Alpheus has beaten them to their prize, Ant discovers a strange connection with Alpheus - and the stage is set for a thrilling climax. 

Running time: 13 x 22 Minutes
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