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Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows - Digital Download

Feature-length movie, Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows, follows on from the first two television series and picks up a year after the boys crossed dimensions, discovered magic and battled the restoring demon.

They are back home in Bremin and are struggling with everyday, teenage life. Felix has high hopes for the four heroes. He wants them to push the limits of their magical ability, working as a team to become masters of the arcane. But although he’s unwilling to admit it, the boys have grown apart. The boys, once in perfect magical and elemental alignment, are a tangle of rivalry and distrust.

On the verge of separating, the Nowhere Boys are drawn together for one last spell, when Felix discovers a magically sealed ‘Book of Shadows’. Unwittingly, this releases a powerful force of chaos, and the gang is reluctantly drawn into a showdown that threatens their world and all they love…

Running time: 1 x 80 mins
Product Type: Film 1080p File
Price: $20.00
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