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Sky Trackers - Digital Download

Mike and Nikki are both scientists’ children, living beneath the massive dishes of a space tracking station in the heart of the Australian outback.

Nikki is 13 and into science - her dream is to be the first person on Mars. Mike is 14 and into rock music - he thinks science sucks. Mike’s horse and guitar are the only things that make his life at the station bearable - until he falls for Nikki, that is…

Lively action, strong emotions, lots of fun and the cutting-edge of science are all combined in an exciting series about children, their parents and the universe around them.

Running time: 26 x 24 mins
Product Type: TV Series 720p (4:3) Files
Price: $28.00
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Educational use means using the program in schools, other educational institutions, community groups, churches, libraries, government departments, correctional facilities and military institutions.
Home use means that the program can be enjoyed on your personal device but it cannot be sold, hired, traded, given away, shown in public or made available on the internet.
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