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Itty Bitty Ditties - Digital Download (SD)

When travelling songbird, Brian the Budgie, arrives in a new place, he is keen to meet some of its more irregular inhabitants. But it’s not conversation that Brian is looking for - rather, he is constantly scouring the globe for his next singing partner.

Riding on his reliable Hog named Ernst, Brian and his musical animal cohorts sing nonsensical songs about frivolous subjects in various music styles. Brian has a knack for creating Itty Bitty Ditties in many far-flung destinations - and finding just the right voices to match.

Curriculum links include:

  • Music (develop aural skills, practise songs, respond to music, identify features in music, genre)
Running time: 10 x 60 secs
Product Type: TV Series SD Files
Price: $4.00
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